Friday, January 8, 2010

ChildAid: The Aftermath

[Written by Grace K from Entertainment]

ChildAid is finally over. After months of preparation leading up to the final three weeks of heated meetings, sleepless nights, late night site recces, dry runs and show rehearsals, the three days of shows have come and gone in a flash. And I am so happy to read in the papers, blogs and facebook that it was a resounding success in the eyes of the public and media.

Me and S helping out at the event

Believe me, it was not easy. The resort is still partly under construction and to watch our carpark miraculously transformed in 2 weeks from a dusty, wet construction zone to a clean, clear driveway just for this event, was amazing to see. Every day of the show, we would be setting up the front of house area to the cacophony of drills and construction, but by 6pm, all work would be stopped and replaced by the soothing sounds of High Society Smooth Jazz.

I finally had a tour of Festive Grand during our dry runs. It’s a beautiful theatre with good acoustics. I wandered through the back of house to see the huge training room for our Voyage de la Vie performers (at that time crowded with excited school kids waiting for their turn on stage to rehearse), a luxurious green room and my favourite – the hair & make up room with 6 hair sinks worthy of a top hair salon in Singapore. (I know where I’m getting my hair washed from now on…) But I digress.

Back to ChildAid. I was so proud of everything. Proud of the theatre, proud of our RWS staff for their dedication and enthusiasm and proud of the concert that RWS had co-produced with SPH. My favourite part of the evening was during the first night when all the staff spontaneously lined up on either side of the theatre entrance to cheer and wave the guests off as they left the theatre – cruise-line style. A bit OTT, I know, but it was sincere, unpretentious enthusiasm and our RWS “kampung spirit” that I hope will remain with all RWS staff for every event that we do in future. With the positive response from the farewell on the first night, we decided to do the line up for the two remaining nights. On the last night, little children and some guests joined us in the line to clap and wave farewell to other guests. It was fun to see J

All in all, it was a good learning experience for our very first show and I’m looking forward to our next show on 28 Jan 2010 – Boys Like Girls concert, at the Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre.

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See you there!

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