Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beat the traffic this New Year's Eve!

Planning to usher in 2011 with us this Friday? Here are some tips on getting in and out of the resort and beating the jams -

Tip #1: Go Public
We encourage one and all to take public transport in for that day. Traffic is expected to be slow moving!

Tip #2: Remember these characters 'R-W-S-8'
Specially for 31 Dec, the frequency of our RWS 8 service fleet will be increased with the waiting time reduced from 5-7mins to 3-5mins 

Tip #3: Know your exit strategy
If partying through the 2010-2011 window isn't your cup of tea, there are several (free and painless) ways to make your way out of the resort. Pick one and add it to your plan for the day:)

- Last RWS 8 service leaves the resort for VivoCity at 2a.m.
- Sentosa Express will also be extending their hours, last train leaves Waterfront Station at 1.35a.m.

Tip #4: Do not ignore Tip #1
For those who are still planning to drive in, do note the changes in parking rates for that day 

Check out our website for more details on getting to the resort. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

At last, they take flight!

Nearly 3 Years in the making

A story of how love

Premiering at WaterFront, Resorts World Sentosa
25 Dec 2010

The Fe(a)stive Season!

[ Christmas blogpost (part 2) by Tania H. ]

In part two of my foodie blogpost for Christmas, we move on to the festive themed menus around the restaurants this December. Give mom a break from the stove or your wife for that matter and take them out for a festive feast followed by a stroll to Singapore’s tallest Christmas tree at Resorts World.

A picture speaks a thousand words and I’m sure the shot below speaks volumes to your parotid gland. Are you salivating yet?

Grainge Black Angus Beef Striploin MS 3
Titled Grainge Black Angus Beef Striploin MS 3 with creamed chestnut, roasted artichoke, field mushrooms and bacon beef glace sand, this is one of Osia’s main highlights on the Christmas menu, available both on Christmas Eve and the day itself.  If you haven’t tried Osia’s cuisine by Australian celebrity chef Scott Webster, it’s a reflection of Australia’s cultural melting pot. Showcasing the freshest produce from the Land Down Under, beautiful ingredients are transformed into morsels of goodness on the plate with an adept chef’s hand which practices absolute meticulous finesse. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look Mommy! Christmas but no snow!

[ Christmas blogpost part 1 by Tania H. ]

I heard from a friend’s six-year-old who lamented Christmas ain’t Christmas if it’s not a scene out of Home Alone. Remember ‘Kevin’ and his misadventures about town as he waded through thick snowfall which blanketed Chicago? It’s the slushy ‘ice kachang’ we’re missing in Singapore this festive period.

But thanks to Thomas Edison, we’ve got tons of light bulbs spreading the festive cheer all around Singapore and of course at Resorts World Sentosa. It’s our first ever Christmas and our theme this year is, “It’s a Musical Christmas at RWS”. If you haven’t already heard, we have Singapore’s tallest Christmas tree at 11-storey high in the Bull Ring™, all decked out in blue and silver! And we have up to 30 carolers standing at the base of the tree belting out Christmas tunes every weekend.  It’s becoming our next hottest prime spot for photos, next to the Universal Studios Singapore globe of course.

With parties to attend and home celebrations aplenty, we have some excellent Christmas goodies for you to bring as gifts or for purely selfish indulgences *wink, wink*

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Many would have had their calendar marked out in bold on Dec 11 with the words 'Zouk Out'. For 25 of our community members, it would've been the inaugural RWS facebook Fans Day Out.

All set to go!

'Headhunted' for their participation on RWS facebook - from long time fans to contest participants - this day out was a treat to express our gratitude for all the support. Here's a look at the day's activities:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Valentino, Retrospective: With The Experts

The anticipation is torturous, we know. Approximately 14 days are all that stands between you and the feast (to the eyes of course, the dresses aren't edible the last time we checked) of 100 Valentino dresses. But that doesn't stop us from still talking about it on our blog. Rubbing it in? Nah, we're probably just as, or even more, anxious than you are!

This week, we speak to 2 of our renowned local stylists - Karen Ng and Jerome Awasthi - on their take on the Italian's work. 

About them... 

Hailed as one of the "top 20 most invited socialites", Power Stylist Karen Ng is the founder of local style and image consultancy, Glitz, which targets high nett and high profile individuals. She is also the ambassador for French champagne brand G.H. Mumm.

Model-turned-stylist, Jerome Awasthi is no stranger to producing runway magic for international brand s like Marchesa, Louis Vuitton and Fendi nor fashioning budget buys to billion-dollar looks for magazines. Rising rapidly up the ranks in the local fashion scene, he was also named by Singapore as one of the 30 Singaporeans under 30 in 2008.

Here's what they said -

On Valentino as a brand...
Karen: As far back as I can remember, Valentino is a brand synonymous with elegance and grandeur. For me, this Italian powerhouse is the epitome of sophistication, fashion at its finest. Valentino knows women and his collections reflect his love of women and the female body.

Jerome: Valentino - the brand till this date still resounds beauty, glamor and royalty. Immaculate detailing and intricate craftsmanship with romantic detailing that makes the women feel like they are the most beautiful person in the world every time they put on a Valentino gown.

'Power Stylist' Karen Ng sporting a Valentino dress

"The Valentino woman is elusive, exclusive
and always enchanting."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Race Like No Other

[by Jimmy S - amateur runner and inline 'speed' skater - who's always looking for more speed]

Team RWS took part in the race too!
The first Sunday on December has become synonymous with the day for runners to meet and run. This year's inaugural Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) on Dec 5, 2010 - previously known as Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - is one such Sunday.

However, this time round, change is in the air - the race format is slightly different. After capping out at 50,000 runners last year, the organisers realised that they'll need to re-strategise if they intend to increase the max number of participants. And increase they did - to 60,000 this year - with all three categories: 10km, 21km and the marathon 42.195km, starting at three different locations.

I signed up for the 21km and was really excited for the race - because for the first time ever, it runs through Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore! That was until I was floored with a sprained ankle 3 weeks before the race.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Work with us! [JC Edition]

We're having another Walk-In Recruitment Drive!

Interested Junior College students, come to e2i on Dec 7, 2010 (Tuesday) for a chance to work in a place like no other.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Shopping Guide #1 - The Cute Ones

Buying a Christmas gift goes beyond mere shopping. It's an art

The art of finding a gift that hasn't been presented before throughout the course of the year to the same loved one/ friend. The art of finding a gift that looks fitting for a 'Merry Christmas!' card to accompany it. And of course, in the local context, the art of getting the best deal! We are no experts ourselves but hopefully, this series will help you add some finishing moves (or buys, rather) to your festive shopping frenzy.  

To kick-start it all, we bring you into the enchanted segment of our resort - Universal Studios Singapore.  

The Cute Ones
Key challenge for this category of gifts: evoke an "awwwww" from receiver.

 These caught our eyes even before we saw the price tag. Love how the DreamWorks stars like Shrek and Princess Fiona are carved out in various shapes and sizes, and attached to pens. Perfect gifts for mass distribution (especially those volunteer Santas at kids parties) and they look great even without a wrapper!

: 3/5
Spotted at: Star Characters, Universal Studios Store (Can be found at That's a Wrap near USS entrance too)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

End The Year With A Bang!

Here are a few updates as 2010 draws to a close.

A Gift That Will Last (... for a year at least)

Share the festive joy this Christmas with a bang! Get your loved ones Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Annual Pass Gift Certificates and send them on a year of fun.

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