Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New kids on the block

The last person we recall ripping up his singlet and unveiling a whole upper body of muscles/pecs would probably be...Hulk Hogan. Sounds familiar? The legendary star of the World Wrestling Federation whose signature move (or at least one of them) was to tear up his bright yellow singlet coupled with what seemed like a victory cry?

Well, there's a group of hunks who could possibly give Hulk a run for his money - the Chippendales! Definitely no strangers to us with this being their third appearance in Singapore, these global icons in female entertainment are set to heat up the heartlands again with their acts, which of course includes, the ripping of singlets. This time however, we will be seeing new faces! A rundown on who they are? Nah, we know, all you want are pics.

Nate Estimada
Cites his buttocks as his most notable feature.
Can't really tell from here though but watch out for it during the show!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun food to eat at Resorts World this Lunar New Year!

[Written by Tania H.]

When it was time to invite the media over for the traditional lo hei luncheon, I decided to shake things up a bit. Other than the usual tossing and sending vegetables a-flying, I invited a couple of my media friends to stuff Feng Shui Inn’s signature Braised Eight Treasures Duck. [Check out Brad Lau from ladyironchef working his charm on the duck!] A highly sought-after item on the restaurant’s menu, the duck stuffing consists of salted egg yolk, Chinese sausage, chestnuts, flower mushrooms and lotus seeds among other ingredients to infuse the poultry with an aroma to make your mouth water. Seeing how Singaporeans love their duck, no doubt this will be on many tables this festive period.

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