Thursday, December 31, 2009

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

[Written by Jimmy S from Projects]

It was said that good things come in small packages. And some say that they come in pairs. That’s definitely true for USS Sci-Fi City. Arguably one of the smaller zones in USS, Sci-Fi City currently boasts of two attractions – the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) and the Accelerator – due to be opened early 2010 (with another one planned to debut the year after). Not only that, the BSG are duelling coasters and currently the tallest pair in the world.

As a brand new attraction based around the TV series of the same name, the BSG dueling coasters claims many titles. It is the world’s tallest pair of dueling coasters. With both a red conventional coaster signifying the Humans and a blue suspended coaster signifying the Cylons, they will be a pair of the most thrilling rides in USS. With all the twists and turns of the tracks, my legs get all jelly-like just by looking at it. Well it will definitely be in my USS to-do list, that’s for sure! And please, you do not want to puke into the lagoon.

Night view of the BSG from across the USS lagoon

Now something less intimidating but possibly no less exciting is the Accelerator. Now with all the hype surrounding the BSG (after all, it is hard to ignore), we should not forget about the less well known little brother of the Sci-Fi City. Now, what is this Accelerator? As its name implies, it will accelerate you. But the fact is you’ll be accelerated to crazy, dizzying spins. Again, caution to those who cannot handle these, please do not consume food and drinks before hopping onto either this or the BSG.

The Accelerator - looking nice and spiffy - just inviting you to hop on.

For all you collectible junkies out there, don’t forget to visit the Galactica PX where you will get all forms of merchandise from the Battlestar Galactica universe as well as other science-fiction related accessories. Now as part of the conspiracy, there are NO F&B outlets in Sci-Fi zone, since I doubt the Operations people would be happy to clean up people’s puke on a daily basis. So, share some thoughts for the poor souls and please try not to ingest anything that you cannot keep down before taking those rides.

Now we are speeding into the finishing line, I can’t wait for the IR and specifically the park to open. I am eagerly planning getting onto all these rides and go nuts. As I am sure you are as well.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This ain't for the faint-hearted

[Written by Grace K from Entertainment]

Once every so often, I make a trip up through the misty clouds into the mountains of Genting Highlands to visit Resorts World Sentosa’s sister company, Resorts World Genting, so that I can observe and understand how they organize their events.

Now that Resorts World group has three resorts : Sentosa, Genting and Manila, we try to collaborate on a few big events across the three venues, which makes sense from an economical standpoint, as well as in branding and marketing.

End of November, I was up again to check out their National Lion Dance Championships as RWS is interested in alternating this event with Genting. A bit of history – every odd year (eg.2009), Genting organizes a National Lion Dance competition where the various states in Malaysia compete to be the National Champion. The champion then goes on to participate the following year in the World Lion Dance Championships (every even year). This event is recognized internationally as one of the top lion dance competitions worldwide, attracting teams all the way from UK, Australia, Mauritius and USA. The grand prize for the top team is USD30,000.

I’ve always liked lion dance during Chinese New Year. It’s noisy and fun and it’s something I never get sick of, like fireworks. However, I ain’t never seen anything like this before. A special X structure with poles of different lengths and distance is designed and the specifications are given to the troupes a year in advance. Each team builds its own structure accordingly and practices for a year to perfect its ‘dance’. This is serious stuff. The judging is based on a few criteria – footwork, the coordination between the head and tail, harmony between the lion and the music, the expression of the lion and the degree of difficulty.

In fact, when you look at a really good performance, you can almost ignore the fact that there are 2 persons under the costume. It looks like a real lion from the way it cocks its head, winks, scratches its ear, prances around.

The stunts performed by the teams can rival Jet Li as Wong Fei Hong in Once Upon A Time In China. The lions leaped from pole to pole on hind legs, flipped their front legs halfway down the pole to pluck the cai qing attached at an angle and sprung off the end pole into an immediate roll on the ground. It was a stunning display of martial arts and discipline. Winning team from Muar even had the lion coming out of a box that opened up with colourful flashing lights and pyros . Damn drama.

It was not easy though. Some of the stunts performed were quite difficult and many of the “lions” fell from the poles. But bravely, all got up & went straight back up to complete their performance. There was only one performer that did not. He simply walked off the performance zone in a daze. The judges considered disqualifying him but decided to give him a chance after he explained that he was in such pain that he only thought of looking for help. He also lifted his shirt to show his chest area which had turned a deep black-blue from the bruising.

Here are some of my pictures and a video at the event, but for higher quality photos of the competition, check out this blog on lion dance:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pure magic

[Written by Tania H from Communications]

There’s something magical stirring in Universal Studios Singapore, in the land of Far Far Away. Inside a fantastical store called the Fairy Godmother Potion shop, Princess Fiona’s fairy godmother (if you remember her, she’s the rotund, bespectacled flying ‘witch’ in disguise who’s actually Charming’s mother) is bottling magical elixirs out of an enormous tank.

Step inside this store and you’ll find wooden beams, brick walls, huge doorways and Shrek characters welcoming you as you enter. The space is bound to draw you into the mystical world of Shrek, where fantastical characters come to life: donkeys shoot their mouths off and ogres are actually friendly.

A rendering of the interior of the store

I was awestruck when I saw the store, which is complete and has been fitted out. There are three things you can do there: there’s a retail shop for you to bring home your memories of the park, a counter where ‘potions’ aka fresh juices would be sold and a ferris-wheel kiddies can ride while their parents shop or get a breather. How awesome is that?

At the Fairy Godmother Potion Shop, you’ll find all things Shrek! Personally, I’m in love with Gingy, the gingerbread man but I absolutely love the huge variety of Shrek plush toys, character caps, photo frames and lots, lots more! (Note to fellow fans of Gingy, you HAVE TO look out for the stuffed confectionery character on the shelves, it’s simply a sweetheart! Get the pun?)

At the drinks stand (called Fairy Godmother’s Potion Factory) where fresh juices are served, the best thirst quenchers for anyone are served. Rejuvenating and healthy, the little ones would love it too. The most wondrous thing is that you can ‘brew’ any concoction you desire, and this is limited only by your imagination.

A youth 'elixir' made of beetroot, strawberry and apple juice -- let your imagination run wild as you come up with your own potions!

Last but not least, the Magic Potion Spin ride would delight the tykes who’re ever eager to hop on another attraction. Offering the rider a bird’s eye view of the hustle and bustle in the shop, the ferris wheel will allow its passengers a chance to catch the fun and whimsical atmosphere.

Honestly, words and pictures can’t capture the magic you will experience as you will be transported into another world when you set foot into the store. So I shan’t deliberate because I know you’ll come. You know you want to!

See you soon in 2010!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Easy, breezy times

WE know Singapore is one hot country. That, or it is raining. And cats and dogs at that.

So how have we prepared our guests for this, given that we know there will definitely be snaking queues as excited visitors throng the Universal Studios Singapore park once it is opened?

Look at the pictures themselves for an answer.

Guests can queue in relative comfort in the shade provided; coolers are used to keep temperatures down in queue lines as well. This is one of the queue areas  in the Madagascar zone.

This picture was taken in on a hot Tuesday at midday, when our very hardworking workers get a break.

Of course there are outdoor attractions, such as our blockbuster Battlestar Galactica. However, guests can enjoy the airconditioning in the queue areas while they wait their turn before going on the world's tallest pair of dueling coasters.

Universal Studios Singapore has indoor attractions which are air-conditioned as well, and these include the Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek 4-D Adventure, as well as the madcap animals from Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, amongst several others,  so seriously, we are very serious about you having serious fun while being kept comfortable and sheltered from the elements.

Most of the pedestrian areas in the resort and Universal Studios Singapore are covered with a special canopy, which cuts off the heat from the sun and reduces the temperature in the area below by three to five degrees celsius. We are also using eco-coolers, which use about 20 percent of the energy used by conventional air conditioners to keep temperatures down.

We have an eco-lagoon as well where underground storage tanks are used to collect and store rainfall for our lush landscapes, and which, while saving the earth and her resources, helps us save up to $160,000 in our water bills.

These are but some of the reasons why we got the BCA Green award this year for our efforts in being environmentally friendly.

So don't let the weather be a factor in deterring you from visiting us. Come by and visit when we open our doors!

Resorts World Sentosa's four hotels: Crockfords Tower, Hotel Michael, Festive Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel, as well as SouthEast Asia's first and only Universal Studios theme park will debut in early 2010. 

For MICE bookings, please call 6577 9977 or email us at

Friday, December 4, 2009

Exclusive treats in Universal Studios® Singapore

[Written by Tania H from Communications]

What’s a world-class theme park without food? A situation like this would probably leave tonnes of unhappy guests, famished and frustrated. That’s why Universal Studios® Singapore has a wide selection of dining outlets and food carts designed to complement your theme park experience.

Other than our theme dining restaurants like Mel’s Drive-In, KT’s Grill, Hollywood China Bistro and Celebrity Café & Bakery, you’ll see lots of distinctive food carts dotting the various zones and parked outside certain rides or attractions to satisfy your every craving.

However, be warned if you’re watching the scales, because we’ll be serving wicked snacks to whet your appetite for once you start, you can’t stop!

Of these eye-catching food carts I’d mentioned previously, one which stands out is the popcorn cart, which will be selling an assortment of uniquely-flavored popcorn with flavors like green apple, grape, and lots of others. Personally, I’m looking forward to tasting the churros (Spanish fried dough) from the churros cart, which will be out of this world because they are filled with yummy, velvety chocolate!

Imagine the dark, molten chocolate oozing out of the churro as you take your first bite into the hot confectionery. Yum! I know I’ll be on cloud nine, that’s for sure!

If  savories are more your thing,  sink your teeth into roti-prata wrapped sausages which promise to change your perception of how the local Indian favourite dish should be served. Also, be sure to stop by the pretzel food cart because you’ll live to regret it if you don’t grab one of the mouth-watering cheese-filled pretzels available. Buy a round for your friends and family. I can guarantee that they would be delighted with this treat.

For light snacks, we’ll also have rice-crispy bars, something to keep the kids happy and not be overfed for more exciting rides and adventure for the entire day!

Last but never least, if you’ve never tried turkey legs, I must exhort you not to leave Universal Studios Singapore without trying one, because it’s a truly divine dining experience that tops my snack list anytime. Once you’ve tasted it, nothing else ever comes close.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you with open arms really soon. Think turkey drumsticks. Think churros. Get ready your appetite because you’ll need it. Trust us.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fabulous Family Fun @ Festive Hotel!

[Written by CY from Rooms]

If you are an avid fan of Resorts World Sentosa, you will probably know which one of our hotels has been creating much interest amongst families. Many can’t wait to bring their children here and the young ones are dreaming to sleep on those loft beds!

Yes, it is Festive Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa. There are many hotels which cater for business travellers, leisure travellers and MICE travelers, and there are also resorts built exclusively to create a romantic getaway for couples. However, how many hotels have you come across that keep young travellers in mind? Festive Hotel is one such example.

The hotel and its staff pride themselves on delivering Fabulous Family Fun because this is what Festive Hotel is all about and what the Festive Hotel team has been tasked to ensure. Besides providing the comfort of a spacious room the staff will also ensure that each and every family member is kept busy with activities available in and around the Hotel and Resort.

The Festive Hotel team has, over the past few months, been cracking their heads to come up with a slew of exciting activities for our young traveler where the fun starts right at the door when guests arrive at the Festive Hotel lobby.

Instead of the typical crystal chandelier lightings you see in most five star hotels, the lobby’s ceiling of Festive Hotel is filled with huge, colorful balloon-like lamps that will instantly ‘light up’ that festive mood in you! It is all jolly and fun in Festive Hotel 365 days a year!

I am sure you would probably overhear a few kids saying: ‘Mummy, mummy, I want those balloons!’

But instead of these ‘balloons’, what we would like to offer our precious little guests are – sweets! Festive Hotel would be incomplete without sweets upon arrival for our young travellers. Besides the sweet treats, the Uncles and Aunties at Festive Hotel team have also been also sourcing for unique amenities for our young travellers. Your children need not fight for them as each would have their very own set. (What exactly are the amenities? we will leave it for you to find out when you stay at Festive Hotel!).

The fun does not stop here. If it is your child’s birthday, be sure to ask for a special treat from us!

Besides catering to the very young, Festive Hotel does not neglect the needs of Mummies and Daddies too. Fancy a spot of retail therapy? Head down to the ground floor of the Hotel, where you can shop to your heart's content in the boutiques there. If you need to keep your kids occupied, you can also drop them off at the Kids Club located within the resort and Mummies and Daddies can then enjoy their private time.

And the shopping and dining belt is not just confined to the hotel itself, for a few steps away from Festive Hotel lies Festive Walk, an enclave of entertainment and retail delights, and which is opened 24/7.

The Festive Hotel Team and everyone in the Rooms Department is upbeat about everything at this pre-opening stage. From the late night shifts to knowing every inch and corner of our rooms, everyone is fully committed and passionate to achieve our goal!

So be sure to check Festive Hotel out when we are opened.

Festive Hotel, together with Crockfords Tower, Hotel Michael, Hard Rock Hotel and Universal Studios Singapore, will open in early 2010. For more updates, please visit or follow us on facebook.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tell us what you need

And we will deliver it to you.

That's the promise made by our MICE team, who have secured more than 30 bookings, even before our doors open next year.

Given the myriad of possibilities, with the ability to cater to up to 35, 000 MICE guests at any one time, and with so many unique event spaces in and around the resort, including Universal Studios Singapore and 26 function rooms, as well as one of Asia's largest column-free ballrooms (which can seat a whopping 7,300 guests -- we counted!), party-planners are literally spoilt for choice.

Fancy a themed party in Ancient Egypt after a day of meetings? Want to reward your staff with a trip to Universal Studios Singapore? You can do these and more, all in just one location.

What we will need in order to help you throw the Party or Event of the Year, is the following:

Event Name:

Event Type: Meeting / Conference / Corporate Social Event / Private Event

Date / Duration:

No of guests:

Other requirements:

Your name:

Your contact number:

Your email address:

Company Name:

We got to have the information at our fingertips and will provide out-of-the-box suggestions for unique events. It’s all about imagination as running an event in Resorts World Sentosa would be a totally different experience!

Email or talk to the Resorts World Sentosa MICE team today! And we'll get back to you within the next few days!

email us at, or call us at +65 6577 9977

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A land of mystery, mummies and engineering wonders that is Ancient Egypt

[Written by Jimmy S from Projects]

Let’s step back in time to the marvels of Ancient Egypt, a land that was one of the three oldest known human civilizations and one that till today is still cloaked with an air of mystery. It is a place of contrasts; highly fertile floodplains of the River Nile, hot and arid elsewhere; highly scientific and mathematical, yet highly superstitious; capable of humanly impossible feats of engineering, yet also condoning some of the darkest deeds of human history. It is a place of wonder. And Universal Studios Singapore will try to bring that to you.

The first of its kind in any Universal Studios theme parks in the world, the USS Ancient Egypt zone would strive to bring the enigma and awe of the exploration era of the 20th century to USS. The area is themed to look like an excavation site and the two attractions here tie in directly with that.

Perspective view of Ancient Egypt from across the lagoon – in the foreground is the Treasure Hunter attraction and the big building in the back houses the Revenge of the Mummy

Partially excavated statue - work in progress

Walking into Ancient Egypt (from either Lost World or Sci-Fi City), you would immediately be confronted by the immensity of the statues holding up the collapsed entry archway. And thus setting the tone for almost everything else in Egypt, you are well advised that big is the order of the day.

The four statues marking the boundary of the land; the Treasure Hunter is in the foreground

Along the southern section of Egypt, you will find an enormous Egyptian tomb, newly excavated and obviously have seen better days. It is the biggest building in the whole of USS so I kid you not when I said things here are mostly huge. This very impressive structure houses the equally exciting Revenge of the Mummy (RoTM) dark ride. Expect to be surprised, thrilled and awed by the experience as you twist and turn your way past flesh-eating scarabs, deadly mummies and Imhotep, the ‘Mummy’ itself. While similar to the rides from US Florida and US Hollywood, USS’ RoTM will have its own storyline and variations. And it promises to be one hell of a ride.

On the right, the Egyptian facade where the Revenge of the Mummy is situated - check out how small a person is compared to the size of that monument!

Close up of the columns to the right of the entrance

If you manage to get out alive and in one piece, drop by Carter’s Curiosities where you can get a hold of some of the excavated treasures. Looks like the archaeologists couldn’t wait to unload their discoveries.

Carter's Curiosities is right behind that rockwall

Now if you are not into thrilling coaster rides, along the northern shores of Egypt, bordering on the massive lagoon in the middle of USS, you can instead take a serene Treasure Hunters’ ride in an abandoned excavation site. Drive your jeep deep into the site while around you danger lurks in the form of wild animals and the ever deadly scarabs. Take in the treasures hastily abandoned while you wonder what made the excavators disappear without taking their findings along with them…

Part of the Treasure Hunters attraction - work in progress

Feeling hungry? Head towards the Oasis Spice Café, where they served food from the archaeologists’ food stores. Just kidding! Here you can find Mediterranean, Indian and Malay cuisines served buffeteria style. So this promises a varied selection of food for discerning tastes. Enjoy your meal while surrounded by intricately done Egyptian wall murals, warm lighting and a great ambience. Skylight included.

I just love the feel and ambience in the Oasis Spice Cafe, don't you?

I’m also told there’s a building here that is of a rather mysterious sort. It looks great from the outside but no one really knows what is supposed to be inside. Some say that it is an outhouse. If it is, I’d say it is a very elaborate one at that, that’s for sure. Be sure to check it out.

Now, right beside the Café and in front of the RotM attraction, there is the Pharaoh’s Walkway leading all the way to the lagoon in the middle of USS. While not technically an ‘attraction’, this is a great place to experience, for a moment, life back in Ancient Egypt. Walk in the shadow of the towering Obelisk, flanked on both side by statues of kneeling Anubis as you head towards the viewing platform by the lagoon. There are plenty of photo opportunities with all these awesome backdrops.

The Pharaoh's Walkway – this is taken while facing the Egyptian tomb with the obelisk and lagoon behind

There is something for everyone here. I just cannot wait to experience all these when the park opens. I’ll be seeing you next year at USS!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Sweet Dreams Masters (and Mistresses!)

[Written by CY from Rooms]

‘So come and dance with me, Jai Ho’

In recent mornings, if you see a group of men and women dancing along to the popular Pussycat Dolls' upbeat song and thought your eyes are playing tricks on you, fret not. It is our bubbly and energetic ‘Sweet Dreams Masters’ from the housekeeping department having their morning exercise.

Every morning, our 40 housekeeping attendants start the day off by warming up their bodies to the upbeat music of various pop songs, of which ‘Jai Ho’ is their favourite!

Catch them in action and you would be totally overwhelmed by their energy and vibrancy. Some of us joined in on one of the routines recently and we can hardly keep up with them! Some of them are already grandmothers and grandfathers. Who says age is a barrier?

After getting all perked up, they are then ready to take the pledge --not the National Pledge but our very own Housekeeping Pledge where they solemnly and sincerely endeavour to be and have:

Kampong Spirit

These are the core values which our housekeepers have pledged to encompass. In fact, if you have the chance to interact with them, you would certainly be impressed by how united they are: they have meals together as a team, they are always sharing their food, always sharing a joke while being hard at work.

You will be touched by their generosity and be amazed by their enthusiasm and passion.

With their high level of  energy and positive attitude, our ‘Sweet Dreams Masters’ are ever ready to sharpen their housekeeping skills. Jessamyn, who is in charge of Training for Housekeeping, with  a team of Assistant Housekeepers who are helping her with the training – Tran and Edilyn (Hotel Michael), Janet (Crockfords Tower), Grace (Festive Hotel) and Annie (Hard Rock Hotel) lead the way in training our enthusiastic housekeepers and getting them up to professional housekeeping standards in our hotels' mock-up rooms every morning.

From servicing the guest rooms, making up the beds, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, to replenishing the guest amenities, nothing is too difficult for our professional housekeepers with their years of experience.

Our ‘Sweet Dreams masters’ sure embody the Resorts World Sentosa Kampong Spirit. They organise monthly kampong activities like barbeque parties, steamboat buffet and karaoke. These are the times whereby they put down their cleaning equipment and tools for the day and just chill and hang loose with one another, chatting, eating, drinking, laughing and of course…..exchanging the latest news !

So who says that housekeeping is all about cleaning rooms and making beds? Our housekeepers are really a bunch of bubbly “sweet dreams masters.” They have set the stage for your dreams. So slip into your comfortable beds and sleep the night away. Sweet Dreams!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Countdown to ChildAid 2009

[Written by Grace K from Entertainment]

Imagine a world where people help people, children help children and then, you have a taste of what ChildAid is all about. In its 5th year, the event is organized by The Straits Times and The Business Times, bringing together Singapore’s best young musical talents in a showcase that also raises funds for children in disadvantaged circumstances.

What’s more, this year’s ChildAid event will be held at Resorts World Sentosa from Dec 19 – 21 and this will be the FIRST public event to be held here. Roll out the red carpet as this means we are just days away from the concert.

And yes… this also creates a lot of pressure and excitement on our teams to ensure that everything is done to perfection with a healthy dose of oooohs and aaaahs.

If you think about it, ChildAid is almost like Singapore Child Idol as it brings together the island’s best kinder talent with even more nervous parents waiting in the wings. Though there’s no 1st prize, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an army of talent scouts lurking in the crowd on the lookout for the next Big Star. But I digress.

2009 will be the biggest show in ChildAid history with not only 15 fantastic solo performances, but also for the first time, a choir and a full orchestra. Expect to be entertained. In total, there will be more than 250 performers for this entire concert, in comparison to just 61 in 2008. The orchestra which is made up of the best musicians from several different school orchestras grew from an initial 50 to an 80-strong orchestra because of the quality of talent.

Over 500 kids from all over Asia were auditioned to get into the top 15 spots. These kids are really talented and though this is no stage competition, you can imagine the pressure these kids face in making the cut. The ones who go on and grow up to become professional performers and famous stars will encourage a new generation of talent to forgo the usual iron rice bowl professions and hold on to their dreams. (I’ve always fantasized about becoming the Pink Princess of Death Metal. Detroit Metal City! But then again, a girl’s gotta have her shoes.)

Though all the kids who auditioned were good, there were three in particular that truly stood out. Prodigy #1, Abigail Sin is a 16-year-old pianist who has not only won more awards than I can type but has played for President Nathan on numerous occasions at the Istana. How cool is that? At 16, the only award I won was for making Rock Buns in Home Economics.

Prodigy #2 is Rachel Chua, the exceptional 15-year-old TV performer you may have seen on the popular Taiwanese TV contest, One Million Star. And then there is the phenomenal 10- year- old drummer boy, Theron Lim, who is the Eddie Van Halen of Orchard Road and has been keeping the rhythm to the beat since the tender age of six.

The ChildAid performance will take at our brand new 1,600-seat theatre which will eventually house our resident show, Voyage de la Vie, an original RWS-produced heart-pounding circus spectacular! The word is quite vernacular. (More on VDLV in a future blog)

To give ChildAid a little bit of that somethin’ something’ and RWS pizzazz, we volunteered Creative Director extraordinaire, Jason Ramsburg to choreograph a special song and dance number a la High School Musical’s “We’re all in this together”. This is not to be missed!

See you at the show. Rehearsals start in Dec so look out for the behind-the-scenes pictures on this blog.

Child Aid will be held at the Festive Grand in Resorts World Sentosa from Dec 19 to 21 2009. Tickets priced at $15, $20 and $30 can be purchased from early next month at

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rock-n-Roll, Jukebox and Frosty Shakes!

I’m a huge fan of the 1950s retro age of classic American diners and the always appealing cheeseburgers and fries synonymous with the Greenback nation. And you can get this and more at Mel's Drive-In in Universal Studios Singapore, which combines great food with a great atmosphere, encapsulating the rock-n-roll fad that took the world by storm in the cult movie Grease, and marking an era in old world America where gaudy flared skirts and body-hugging shirts were all the rage.

Singapore probably has some decent-looking eateries replicating the classic American diner experience, but nothing comes close to the real deal—which is why if you’re a fan of jukeboxes, twisting to the tunes of Elvis Presley, the first-ever and probably last King of Rock’n’Roll, creamy yummy-licious milkshakes and melting cheeseburgers, Mel’s Drive-In in Universal Studios Singapore would be a dream come true (and you don’t have to burn to a hole in your pocket for a plane ticket just to try out these authentic flavors).

Featuring bright neon lights, classic black-and-white checkered tiled flooring, booth seating upholstered in synthetic leather, a long bar counter with a whole line of high bar stools, good old fashioned chrome-plated, padded dining chairs and tables, lots and lots of stainless steel furnishings and a bevy of classic automobiles parked outside the premise, that’s the 1950s look of Mel’s Drive-In in a nutshell.

For nibbles, hearty meals and the ultimate indulgence, look forward to a whole selection of irresistible juicy burgers and fries, chicken sandwiches, piping-hot chicken fingers, crispy onion rings, authentic root beer floats, frosty milkshakes and the list goes on!

What’s more, when you dine, you’ll be entertained by a motley crew of swinging a capella singers and you can join in too, in the song and dance.

The atmosphere would be bright, cheery, and no doubt stylish and sleek. If you want to experience how it was like on the movie set of Grease and immerse in the nostalgia of the rock-n-roll era, Mel’s Drive-In is THE place for you to start. So put on your blue suede shoes, practise your killer moves to get ready to rock the building and grab some juicy burgers along the way!

Mel’s Drive-In, which is located inside Universal Studios Singapore, Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios theme park, is slated to open in the first quarter of 2010, as is Resorts World Sentosa.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More than just a voice

[Written by Suryanee from Call Centre]

“ Mirror, mirror on the desk! We are not Snow White but RWS Angels!

Guess what the Resorts World Sentosa Call Center's team members' secret weapon is -- the mirror.

The Mirror is our main weapon at our workstation. It’s not for the Angels to touch up our makeup or to comb our hair. The mirror reminds us to smile whenever we speak to you, even though this is done just over the phone.

Our dictum:  Look, Smile and Greet, because we are the first to greet you when you call Resorts World at Sentosa!

On average, we handle 200 calls per day and most of them are about job enquiries. Our common response?

“We have a whole suite of exciting job opportunities and a variety of interesting roles. Log on to to find out more.”

That’s our common reply whenever we are asked, “What kind of jobs do RWS offer?”

This is because we have so many exciting career opportunities: Imagine one resort offering six different holiday experiences in our six differently-themed hotels, the one and only Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia and the world's largest oceanarium.

This means we have a lot of jobs, and reciting them over the phone will be a neverending task, hence the referral to the website, where you can actually apply online as well!

The next most common question asked will be that about when we are opening.

Of course, the answer -- SOON!

You won't believe the number of calls we have had to field once we unveiled Universal Studios Singapore, and we are so jazzed up about this! (Seriously -- Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore have so many of the world's bests and firsts, such as the world's tallest pair of dueling coasters, the world's only DreamWorks attractions etc)

Since we are on track for opening on the first quarter of 2010, we are tied up with the pre-opening training including phone and email etiquette, rooms and corporate introduction.

With all the trainings that we attended (and with more to come!), we have managed to know more about our job scope and team members from the various departments.

Of course, we are thankful to Diana, our Manager (Training and Support) and Yixian for organizing all the training.

Once RWS starts operating in due course, we will be on 24 hours shift seven days a week. We will be working closely with the various hotels, Universal Studios Singapore, the Casino and F&B.

So there is no reason for you not to miss the chance for a million moments, one world!

Here's a look at the people behind the Voices, who make up this very unique team:

WELCOME ABOARD! (From left. Christine, Diana, Siti, Tania)

We angels chill together after work hours! (From left. Valen, Beatrix, Siti, Suryanee, Yixian, Aneesah)

The thorn amongst the roses :) -- Reduan, the sole male in the team

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vantage Point

[Written by CY from Rooms]

It is a brand new month and things are really heating up. The number of fans of the Resorts World at Sentosa Facebook Page is fast approaching the 10,000 mark. Everyone is waiting anxiously for us to open and we are also stepping up our paces to deliver a Million Moments in One World.

The excitement of our Opening is palpable, judging from the overwhelming response when we launched the preview of Universal Studios Singapore -- everyone just can’t wait to get their hands on the tickets to the theme park!

One of the many exciting privileges of being part of the pre-opening team is that you get the latest updates of the developments, fresh from the oven, before everyone else. Just a couple of days back, I went for my first site visit and got sneak peeks into the resort and her other offerings.
Fans of Resorts World Sentosa seem to be really envious that members of the local and international media got to enjoy a tour of the theme park not too long ago. Not to make you guys more envious but during my recent site visit, I got to see something that the media did not get to see - a bird eye’s view of the entire theme park right from a hotel’s room within Resorts World at Sentosa. I would just imagine that when it is completed, guests will definitely be blown away by that stunning and breathtaking view.

I am sure you have heard of rooms with sea views, lagoon views, pool views and city views but which hotel has rooms that face Southeast Asia's first and only Universal Studios theme park? It is only at Hotel Michael in Resorts World Sentosa that you get this.

Hotel Michael, taken Oct 26, 2009
Cool, ain’t it?

Take a bet, albeit not a real one on Hotel Michael.

 Here's a tip: If you are a guest at Hotel Michael and are staying in an even-numbered room, you can consider yourself really lucky as the room comes with a view of Universal Studios Singapore, free!

A view of the Universal Studios Singapore theme park... once opened, cranes and other construction machinery will not be part of the picture, of course :)

Stand on the rooftop of the hotel and look down onto the theme park-- you might just feel that you have travelled across different fantasy worlds.

Hollywood and New York have never been so near as the two zones are right at the doorstep of Hotel Michael. Enjoy the glitz and glamour of the rich and the famous and if you are lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe!

Kids staying at Hotel Michel may also be the first to realise that the Far Far Away land is actually not that far away after all. You can easily spot Shrek and Princess Fiona’s castle in the comfort of your room. Zoom in and you might be able to spy what they are up to in their castle!

Spot lots of lush greenery? Chances are you are probably looking at the Lost World from your hotel room. Take a closer look and you may just spot the menacing dinosaurs in Jurassic Park!

If there is one view that you should never miss, it would be that of our iconic Battlestar Galactica roller coaster, which is the world’s tallest pair of dueling coasters.

You don’t even have to open your eyes to locate where the attraction is. Just follow the source of wild screams and screeches emanating from the Sci-Fi zone. That’s where the attraction sits.

Guests staying in odd-numbered are not left out either. They will wake up to the breathtaking view of the other parts of Resorts World Sentosa, such as the bustling FestiveWalk and Bull Ring.

Tired from soaking in the sights and sounds of the theme park? Just ask for our friendly room service and you will be able to enjoy afternoon tea with your family in the comfort of room against the orange backdrop of evening’s sunset.

Night falls and you still would like to see more? Climb up to the rooftop of Hotel Michael on the 11th floor where we have our exclusive Sky Bar. I could easily imagine that this would be my favourite hangout spot in the hotel. With a glass of red wine in my hand and the breathtaking night view of the harbour and the Universal Studio to boost, I can’t imagine another way to end the day as this is the only rooftop watering hole in the entire resort which offers the entire view of the harbourfront and Universal Studios Singapore.

So for fans of Michael Graves and Universal Studios Singapore, this hotel should be on the top of your list. But if you can't get a room here, fret not, for REALLY, the hotels in Resorts World Sentosa are within walking distance of one another. Really really. :)

The time draws near...

So many things have been happening on the Resorts World Sentosa front, as we move towards Opening Day.

Testing of some of the attractions in Universal Studios Singapore has already commenced, and if you take a trip to Sentosa Island, you will be able to see for yourselves the changes which have taken place.

Of course, those of you who have been following our progress via our website, Facebook and Twitter updates will know that we are trying our darnest to make this Integrated Resort the best in the world, to offer visitors A Million Moments, in just One World.

As our other bloggers have posted, we are still in the midst of recruitment, to get the best for the resort.

Hence, we are having another walk-in interview for F&B positions this weekend at our Pandan Gardens office.

Details below, so do please click on the image for more information. Also, please do click on this LINK as well to get more information about the exciting jobs Resorts World Sentosa has to offer.

Good luck to one and all yeah?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Want To Make History?

[Written by Karen C from HR]

Resorts World Sentosa is on track to open in early 2010. Our very first event will take place in just a few months. Want to be a part of this exciting occasion? Wait no longer! The RWS HR team invites you for a chance to be a part of the pioneer team.

We’re looking for part-time F&B folks to be waiters/waitresses, cooks, etc. Come help us serve up delightful dishes and prepare the freshest ingredients for a sumptuous meal. And I don’t mean to boast, but we have attractive hourly rates and fun@work is compulsory. Singaporeans and PRs only! (note: foreign students that are eligible to work under MOM’s Work Pass exemption policy can also apply.)

FYI, the fun doesn’t stop at our inaugural event. During the year, we’ll have an exciting lineup of events around the resort. Feel free to let us know that you’re interested in working during the year too (school holidays, weekends, etc). For a flavor of what’s to come, check out the images below.

Business retreat at one of Asia’s largest column-free ballrooms?

Birthday bash at Hollywood Boulevard?

Wedding at Shrek’s father-in-law’s castle?

To be a part of our exciting RWS events, come see us this Sunday! Details below.

Date: Sunday, Nov 8
Time: 8am-4pm
Venue: 213 Pandan Gardens (Resorts World office) Click on pics to enlarge.

1) Board our free RWS shuttle bus from Jurong East MRT/Interchange between 7:30am & 3:30pm (departs every 30 minutes)

2) You can also take an SBS bus or drive.
Note: Do refer to for more information as well.

Please bring 2 photos, photocopies of your NRIC & certs, and bank account number (for salary processing).

We strongly advise all interested candidates to come on Sunday. However, if you’re really unable to make it, email your resume to

Where HR will be this month

We will be at e2i next Wednesday (Nov 11) and Thursday (Nov 12), 2pm. For these two events, only Singaporean and SPR applications will be entertained.

Update on Croupier Training in Manila

Last time I blogged about the croupiers getting caught in one of the worst typhoons in Manila’s history. Just a few days ago, I found that that they really can’t get enough of (or get away from) the water. The croupiers took a trip to Villa Escudero for some sun and fun. Have a look:

Happy smiling people

Water Rafting – waiting for the rafts

Water Rafting – getting on the rafts (don’t fall in!!)

Carabao Ride

Other highlights include lunch at the waterfalls, a cultural show, and fishing! We heard that no one actually caught any fish. No worries, croupiers. Just stick to your full-time jobs! That will keep our visitors at the Resorts World Casino very happy.

That’s all I have for now. Chat again soon.

Hollywood, Here I Come!

[Written by Tania H from Communications]

Just last week when I was on my way to work, I saw the Far Far Away castle, or for fans of the DreamWorks animation, the name of the castle is the ‘First Castle from the World of Shrek’.

It’s being built at an unbelievable speed; other than the highest turret which has been erected (measuring some 42.5m in height), the main facade is also almost completed.

For a moment, I felt like a child again, looking at the majestic castle and wondering what it beholds. Then it occurred to me that this is a part of my (world’s first) ‘office’, considering I’ll be conducting work at some point in time in the castle, be it showing the media around or talking shop with my Universal Studios Singapore colleagues. I can’t believe we’re almost coming to the end of the rainbow to find the pot of gold!

A mock-up of the ginormous lettering, which will greet visitors to Sentosa Island. This has been put out in the sun some weeks back to test the weather fastness of the paint.

The other exciting development for me is actually the constructing of the larger-than-life-sized alphabets that spell ‘Sentosa’ at the entrance of the island, which will be among the first things greeting guests when they commute to Resorts World Sentosa. The letters are humungous and I’ve seen them at the current construction site, waiting to be transported to their new home. Imagine—instead of the famous Hollywood sign that has become emblematic of the playground of the rich and the famous in Los Angeles, we’ll all be seeing ‘Sentosa’ standing proudly on our own Sentosa hill, and that’ll be another unforgettable sight to behold.

And now to continue where I left off at my previous entry, I’ll fill you in on more of Universal Studios Singapore’s exciting food offerings. Other than the 12 dining outlets, of which six are Halal certified for our muslim guests (i.e. Mel’s Drive-In, Friar’s, Goldilocks, Celebrity Café & Bakery, Oasis Spice Café and Gloria’s Snack Shack) and the many vegetarian options to cater to the diets of lacto-vegetarians, strict vegans and fruitarians alike, we also have innovatively-themed food carts too — and you heard it here first!

The Pops! food cart... with loads of popped delights

Instead of your usual run-of-the-mill food kiosks, some of these amazing 500-metre long fanciful food carts are actually fabricated out of automobiles and will be stationed at the respective zones of the park. They are extremely eye-catching and were creatively designed to reflect the food they serve. Like for the Pops! food cart shown in the photograph below, naturally, it spells popcorn! But not just any salted caramel or sweet-buttered popcorn, there’ll be flavours out of this world that you’ve never tried before.

In addition to this one, there’ll be a motley crew of others with quirky names like Tail of the Pup selling hot dogs and sausages; Curry Up! selling Indian pratas; Gingy’s House of Sweets selling special candy apples and Little Red’s selling smoked giant turkey legs and yummy savoury pies.

As for drinks, grab special arctic blast frozen drinks from the Antarctic Refreshments food cart and for some indulgence, sink your teeth into the extremely sinful, but mouth-watering churros first to hit Singapore, from The Churro Station food cart. Are you drooling yet?

I can already hear my tummy rumbling so while I go settle my hunger pangs, I’ll leave you to rummage your refrigerator. Expect more photos when we’re ready to release them, and so until my next entry, eat well and sleep well because you are what you eat!
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