Friday, August 6, 2010

The Sun set down late last Saturday.....

Fluorescent light sticks. Enthusiastic sing-alongs. Jumping, screaming fans. If you guessed a concert, you wouldn't be far off. But unlike other concerts, there's a slight catch - this one happened in Universal Studios Singapore.

Sundown Festival 2010 returned with roaring success this year, bringing the freshest and coolest music and entertainment acts from South Korea and Japan onto the Streets of New York in Universal Studios Singapore. Enthusiasts were treated to one big Asian fashion and music extravaganza.

If you were not lucky enough to take part in this event, fret not. We have here a quick eyewitness account of what happened that night, thanks in part to our intern (Siying) who shed bucket-loads of perspiration helping out during the event last Saturday.

"It wasn't a typical Saturday, this 31st of July. Instead of the usual crowd waiting to enter the park for Hollywood After Hours, there were hordes of excited fans getting ready to groove and scream their evening away to their favorite K-pop & J-rock idols.

Right after the sun set, the festival rushed off to a great start with a fantastic performance by famed Japanese traditional drumming crew, Tenko. Tenko started off as a family Taiko group, but has now grown into an interest group with members from different nationalities and races.
Tenko (Drumming)

Before the crowd settled down from the opening act, it's time to Rock ‘N’ Roll with SuG, a Heavy Positive Rock band and also a rock visual kei group from Japan as they rock the stage with high-energy performance. They were dressed in bright colours, had elaborate hairstyles, and their music can be described as full of life and rock-to-the-top. These are what makes them so attractive!
SuG (J-Rock)
"C'mon! Put your hands up! Put your hands up!"

"Get get getting jiggy, getting jiggy" with F.cuz as they thrilled fans with titillating dance and catchy melodies.
Aww...Sweet charming boys....Oppa! Sarang-haeyo!!!"

Ah! And look who we’ve got here on stage! It’s the sexiest and hottest divas from South Korea – After School. Because of you (passionate fans), After School made their debut stage performance at Universal Studios Singapore and wowed the fans with their catchy upbeat music hits and sexy dance moves. After School definitely left a Bang! on the stage of Sundown Festival 2010.
Steaming hot and sexy girl band from South Korea – After School
Reads: “Jung Ah (a member of After School)! Will you marry me?”
Birthday surprise for Lizzy – maknae (youngest member) of the girl band

For the finale act, new age Japanese rock band, LM.C brought the house down totally! Everyone was spellbound by their impactful Electro-rock (electronic and rock pop) music and colourful visuals. It was also the band’s very first time to stage a performance in South East Asia.

maya, LM.C's vocalist

Aiji, wicked on guitar

It was a really awesome concert! I can’t wait for next year’s Sundown Festival and hope that there will be new elements to spice up this one-of-its-kind Asian music festival." - Siying

Hmm….what about next year? Will groups lik 2PM, So Nyuh Shi Dae (aka Girls’ Generation), Big Bang be performing at the Sundown Festival next year? Well, you just have to keep a lookout for Sundown Festival 2011! So until next year, rock on.


  1. I miss Singapore. Hope to visit your country soon. I'll be there for shopping!

  2. @patricia: Do visit us when you come down to Singapore! ;)


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