Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brunch at Starz Restaurant with Chris and Emma

[Written by Chris D.]

Very little things in life is better than a lazy Sunday. Well, perhaps a lazy Sunday with good company and great food. And that's what I did on a wonderful weekend.

So one Sunday (check!), with good company - a friend, Emma (check!) - we headed to try the great Sunday Brunch (check!) at Starz Restaurant!

I hadn’t seen Emma in a while, but there was no time to chit-chat yet. It was straight to the sushi area. There was an assortment of very fresh sushi, sashimi and rolls - I like sushi - but what I’m really looking forward to are oysters on the half shell. Those served here were still moist, unlike many other buffets in Singapore. As I piled them on my plate, the plump boiled prawns caught my attention. They were of a perfect colour and while I’m not a fan of peeling my own prawns, but the size of these beauties made it well worth the effort. And they were firm to the bite.

They're yummy, but they don't come with pearls

In the spirit of trying everything, I had a quick bite of the duck and roast pork that Emma had brought back to the table. The roast pork was exactly what I have gotten used to in Singapore - juicy meat and crunchy skin, crackling with each bite.

On to the soups; what an assortment, all freshly prepared as you order. White radish, laksa and pork rib with corn. As I had never had white radish nor pork rib with corn, I gave both of these a try. The white radish was definitely my favorite.

I'm not a fan of fried potatoes - my friends have labeled me a french fry snob - and despite starting to feel a little full, I just had to grab a small serving of fresh potato wedges on the hotplate. I added that to my plate along with a heaping spoonful of beef stew. The beef was very moist, tender and full of flavor from the rest of the ingredients. I probably could have made a meal of this, but I couldn't do that with so much fresh Indian food screaming my name.

Next on the hit list is another dish I had been looking forward to since the moment I arrived. I could talk for hours about great Indian food; from the fresh tandoori chicken and fluffy briyani rice to the delicious lamb patties with mint yogurt. But let me shoot straight to my favorite item of the brunch; roti prata.

I say it with a weird mix of both shame and pride, I had three!!! I just couldn’t help myself. They were freshly cooked with a slightly crispy outside and soft inside. Covered with a bit of gravy from the curry chicken and chickpea masala, I think they were about as good as I’ve ever had.

At $45 for brunch or $105 with champagne, I think this is the best brunch value in Singapore. Emma did mention that as it is brunch, she would have liked to see some breakfast favorites, but the quality of the food and the diversity more than made up for the lack of pedestrian eggs and bacon.

Some of the other food choices

With some of the best service I’ve had in Singapore mixed with the great value, this is definitely going on my list of favorites.

My only disappointment was the fact that I had no room to try the desserts. Just look at how enticing it is.. Oh well, there’s always the next (lazy) Sunday!


Chris D, who is working on upcoming projects for Resorts World Sentosa, will be guest blogging about his dining experiences at the resort.

Chris D's enjoyment of traveling is second only to the love affair with food and luckily for him, his job has allowed him to combine those two passions. Everything from six star, fine dining experiences in Europe and pork lau lau cooked in an underground oven in Tahiti to fried scorpions in China and catfish in the US; he has rarely met a food that he didn't like.

"I'm forever in search of 'THE meal'; the one that combines impeccable service, a unique ambiance and that ever-so elusive perfect combination of ingredients, cooking technique and at least a pinch of culinary passion. Be it back street food cart or Michelin rated restaurant, until then, I'll continue to enjoy the journey."
- Chris D.

Starz Restaurant is located at Hard Rock Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa.
For more promotional details, please visit

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