Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Shopping Guide #1 - The Cute Ones

Buying a Christmas gift goes beyond mere shopping. It's an art

The art of finding a gift that hasn't been presented before throughout the course of the year to the same loved one/ friend. The art of finding a gift that looks fitting for a 'Merry Christmas!' card to accompany it. And of course, in the local context, the art of getting the best deal! We are no experts ourselves but hopefully, this series will help you add some finishing moves (or buys, rather) to your festive shopping frenzy.  

To kick-start it all, we bring you into the enchanted segment of our resort - Universal Studios Singapore.  

The Cute Ones
Key challenge for this category of gifts: evoke an "awwwww" from receiver.

 These caught our eyes even before we saw the price tag. Love how the DreamWorks stars like Shrek and Princess Fiona are carved out in various shapes and sizes, and attached to pens. Perfect gifts for mass distribution (especially those volunteer Santas at kids parties) and they look great even without a wrapper!

: 3/5
Spotted at: Star Characters, Universal Studios Store (Can be found at That's a Wrap near USS entrance too)

Ever wondered what's the link between Gingerbread Man and Christmas? Here's one explanation we found: Santa was supposed to be made of gingerbread! Hmm, any others?
  Nonetheless, it was the soft toy that, for us, stood out from the rest. Brought a smile instantly to our faces upon sight (perhaps cause it reminded us of its edible form too).

'Awwwww' factor: 4/5
Spotted at: Star Characters

Definitely one of the more unique gifts we've spotted - potion-flask-shaped bottles! Our personal favorite: the shortest one (with blue liquid within). Voila!

'Awwwww' factor: 3/5
Spotted at: Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop in Far Far Away 

Another variation of Gingy - bigger, softer, rounder gift featuring his trademark thick-lipped smile. A must-hug/cuddle ain't it?

'Awwwww' factor: 5.5/5 (too irresistible. we all walked out with one each)
Spotted at: Star Characters

So, USS or Hollywood After Hours patrons/ patrons-to-be, do look out for these hot 'cute' picks for Christmas gifts:) Stay tuned for more in the other upcoming features!

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