Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A stroll in(to) the park

Ok, so you've taken RWS-8 or the Sentosa Express till you can literally memorize the timings and routes. Well, here's another option: Walk in!

Alright, before you frown at this suggestion, let us qualify that this is no ordinary sheltered walkway...

Sentosa Boardwalk opens this 29 Jan!

620-metre long, the Sentosa Boardwalk offers pedestrians a canopy-covered route into the island. And that's not all, it comes equipped with a network of travellators too, so you get a good mix of strolling and 'gliding' by the waterway with the various F&B/ retail outlets along the way.

Be sure to catch its opening celebration this Saturday, 29 Jan, where there's gonna be a special event, pyrotechnics and lots of  activities and giveaways. There will also be an attempt to set a really interesting Singapore Book of Records:) No charges for 29 and 30 Jan, so come on down and experience the walk for yourself!

For more on the opening celebrations, do check out Sentosa's website.

For info on the different ways you can get to the resort, check out our website.

P.S. In other news - With effect from 2 Feb 2011 (Chinese New Year Eve, Wednesday), NightRider (NR) Services will increase the fare from $3.50 to $4.00 for both cash and ez-link trips.

Happy travelling!


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  2. I went to Singapore a long time. Like Singapore and many want to go to the resort World sentosa.

  3. Very interesting, I go here I like to travel Singapore, a lot.


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