Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun food to eat at Resorts World this Lunar New Year!

[Written by Tania H.]

When it was time to invite the media over for the traditional lo hei luncheon, I decided to shake things up a bit. Other than the usual tossing and sending vegetables a-flying, I invited a couple of my media friends to stuff Feng Shui Inn’s signature Braised Eight Treasures Duck. [Check out Brad Lau from ladyironchef working his charm on the duck!] A highly sought-after item on the restaurant’s menu, the duck stuffing consists of salted egg yolk, Chinese sausage, chestnuts, flower mushrooms and lotus seeds among other ingredients to infuse the poultry with an aroma to make your mouth water. Seeing how Singaporeans love their duck, no doubt this will be on many tables this festive period.

After the customary lo hei starring our glistening Australian lobster sashimi and delectable Eight Treasures Duck, chef Li served up the rare Japanese sea cucumber and giant fish maw. I was particularly tickled, given it was my first time tasting a premium sea cucumber with stubby spikes and an expensive one at that.

Talking about fun food, the chefs at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor at Universal Studios Singapore have designed an ingenious Lo Hei Pizza Yu Sheng to introduce this prosperous must-eat to tourists who are visiting USS during this festive period. Tapping on the East meets West notion, this yu sheng is served on a crispy thin-crust pizza base which gives the dish the extra crunch and texture. If you’re at USS sometime this Lunar New Year, be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind pizza yu sheng at Loui’s!

Check our website too for more festive treats at the resort! http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Specials/LunarNewYear2011/Dining


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