Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Option For Celebration

[A review by Amelia Eng, winner of Osia signature dish contest]

For this year's Valentines' Day celebration we wanted to have it in Resort World Sentosa. We went to Osia Restaurant for dinner. The first word that came to my mind was 'EXPENSIVE'! But hey, fear not, its all affordable!

Dish 1: Seafood Ice Experience
Served in test tubes with a metal rack, this dish consists of 6 different flavors - pineapple lemongrass ice with blue fin tuna, quandong orange ice with amaebi shrimp, calamansi 'mojito' ice with sea scallop, lychee martini ice with oyster, watermelon lillipilli ice with lobster and apple celery ice with tasmanian salmon. Almost every table in the restaurant that day had it:)

Dish 2: Grainge Black Angus Beef Tenderloin MS 3 200gm (Grilled)
My boyfriend had this in medium rare. According to him, the beef was very delicious! It was tender and soft as if it melted in the mouth!

Dish 3: Long Island Duck Breast
Being a duck lover, I had to try this main course. I always thought duck breast was dry. Surprisingly, the meat wasn't 'dry'. It felt like I was biting on a lychee - soft, smooth and chewy.

Dish 4: Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup
This was yummy! We liked everything about it. The hot chocolate soup was rich and sweet. The sesame crisp was very thin yet crispy, and of course not forgetting the black pepper vanilla ice cream that came with it!

Here's a tip - try placing a spoonful of ice cream and hot chocolate soup in your mouth, feel the mixed hot and cold sensations together..wooo..absolutely love it.

The restaurant
The staff were very friendly and always around. During food intervals, they would ask, "How's the food?" and "Would you like to have coffee or tea?". The attention given made us feel like VIPs in the restaurant.

Good job and Thank you Resort World Sentosa!

With love,

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