Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Annual Pass Program unveiled

We know all of you are excited and waiting to learn more about our new Annual Pass Packages. We have been putting together an exciting Annual Pass program packed with even more benefits at new prices.

Check this out – our new Annual Pass program will now have the following:
Superstar Pass- Adult: $638/ $618 (renewal*); Child: $558/ $538 (renewal*); Senior: $508/ $488 (renewal*).
Fun Pass- Adult: $338/ $298 (renewal*); Child: $258/$238 (renewal*); Senior: $208/ $188 (renewal*).

We are also introducing a new tier called the Action Pass with these rates: Adult: $488/$468 (renewal*) ; Child: $408/ $388 (renewal*); Senior: $358/ $338 (renewal*).
The new Action Pass is created for fans who want to visit the park all year round, including black-out dates, but didn’t require Universal Express access to attractions.

More details in the next few days, so stay tuned!
*For all current AP holders


  1. A great place to be with the whole family specially for summer Holidays

  2. paid 1k plus for my superstar pass and that was when most of the rides are not even open, like the battle star was suspended for almost a year,
    and now its only $600 for new pass with all the rides open , feel so cheated


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