Monday, June 15, 2009

RWS goes hiking!

IT IS most gratifying to see smiles, especially on the faces of kids.

You know what we mean right?

Somehow, it makes everything worthwhile.

As mentioned in our earlier posts, the RWS team took 30 kids up Mount Imbiah on Jun 12.

This is not the first time we are organising something like this: back in Nov 2008, we had organised the first outing to the movies at a screening of Madagascar 2.

Then, about 300 children from various Community Chest Family Service Centres and the Chinese Development Assistant Councils were given a visual treat, as well as breakfast sponsored by McDonald's and fruits for dessert, compliments from Chilli Api.

We decided to take a different route this time (literally!), taking the children aged 7 to 12 on a hike instead.

The entire group, split into two smaller clusters, set off at 2 pm on a balmy Friday and were each led by a guide.

All teams later congregated at the beach for a picnic, and had a feast of burgers and other goodies.

Such fun. And as you know, kids being kids, some were of course running all over the place in gleeful joy.

T'was a sight to behold.

But really, really. It was all worth the planning and effort, as we were touched to see the children having fun.
A total of 15 staff turned up for this event, and the sad part is that there were many, many more who asked to be there as well, but had to be turned down because of space constraints.

Our next aRWSome (pronounced 'awesome') Kids' Date will be held later this month, and this time, we will be treating several hundred children to watch the new Transformers movie. (See the trailer here.)

AWESOME stuff. Heh. It would be absolutely fabulous as more RWS staffers can turn up and help out then.

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