Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What an aRWSome Kids' Date it was

If we should say so ourselves. :D

This is the final outcome of all our days of prep work -- wide grins plastered on the faces of the kids (and adults) who turned up for the event.

That is the best gift to us.

The day started with us trooping to Lido 2 with boxes of goodie bags in tow, and then the hard labour started.

We had to put bags and bags of the goodie bags, which had sponsored items like ST School Pocket Money Fund teddy bears, a Transformer notebook, a Hasbro game, Mendaki mugs, SingTel pencil cases with stationery, notebooks and Nestle food items.

Once this was done, the guests and kids tucked in to their breakfasts, which were served outside the cinema.

The real fun and excitement began after the children were ushered into the theatre.

The curious kids started peeping into their goodie bags and not-so-surreptiously starting swopping Transformer toys, which were also placed on the seats, with one another.

They then went mad when they realised there were more goodies to be given away, as a quiz-master took centrestage and started posing different questions, and gave away toys such as Shrek, T-Rex and Woody the Woodpecker dolls.

Mad stuff.

As this went on our other guests and VIPs started to fill the cinema. RWS Big Boss Mr Tan Hee Teck gave a stirring speech thanking the uber-generous sponsors, followed by Straits Times editor Mr Han Fook Kwang, who announced that we raised a whopping $30,000.


With the mood and atmosphere set, everyone was ready for the movie.

Cheers and claps emanated from the audience once the highlight of the event, the screening of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen started.

All these could not have been made possible, really, if not for our kind sponsors who were so generous with their gifts.

Can't wait till the next aRWSome Kids' Date!

Check out our pics of the event here!

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