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All about USS passes

Universal Studios Singapore tickets start selling 9am on March 10, 2010.

We are sure you are excited about Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and some are just bursting with questions about the passes. So here we present to you a (hopefully) one stop location for all your needs on passes. If not, everything else should be just a click or two away.

Ticket Type

(Ages 13 to 64)

(Ages 4 to 12)

(Age 65 and above)
One Day Weekday1 Pass



One Day Weekend2 Pass



Two Day Pass



Annual Pass-
Fun Pass



Annual Pass-
Superstar Pass



Ticket Type

Off- Peak3


Super Peak5
Universal Express
(In addition to your admission ticket)



Weekday1 refers to Monday to Fridays, excluding Black-Out Dates
Weekend2 refers to Saturdays, Sundays and Black-Out Dates
Off Peak3 refers to Weekdays
Peak4 refers to Weekdays on School Holidays
Super Peak5 refers to Weekends and Black-Out Dates

Year 2010 Seasonality Chart
For Day and Express Passes

For Annual Fun Passes

Points of Sale
There are three ways to purchase our park passes:
1. Website @
2. Phone lines +65 6577-8899 (8am to 8pm)
3. Box offices right outside the park; opens from 9am till 6pm (March 10 till March 17). To serve guests better, starting March 18 they will open from 8am till 6pm.

Passes will begin selling from 9am on March 10, 2010. Guests can purchase passes up to 90-days in advance. During this soft opening phase, all admission passes must be bought at least one day in advance. Beginning March 22, 2010, same day passes can be bought at all available points of sale. Our box offices will open from 8am to facilitate walk-in guests. We still encourage guests with a fixed itinerary to purchase tickets in advance.

Modes of Payment
We accept cash, major credit / debit cards, NETS, GP(RWS).
We do not accept Diners and travellers cheque.

Dining and Shopping Vouchers for Soft Opening
All guests will be given S$15 dining and shopping vouchers for every ticket bought during this soft opening phase for visits in the month of March. These can be collected at the Guest Services Counter during first entry to the park. These vouchers are good for the day, can be combined, require no minimum purchase and valid for items in USS.

Day Passes
*One Day Passes are valid for the day of the visit only.
*Two Days passes can be purchased from March 10 but they can only be bought beginning April 5, 2010. They apply for any two consecutive days. Upgrades from one day to two days can be done before guests leave the park; kindly approach our Guest Services Counter from April 5 onwards.

Annual Passes
At point of purchase of the annual passes, guests will need to indicate date of first visit. The S$15 dining and shopping vouchers are separate from and are given on top of the RWS Gift Vouchers from the annual passes benefits. Guests will need to approach our Annual Passes Processing counters, just after entry, to finalise the processing of the annual passes on their first visit.

*For Guests who purchase their Fun Pass during the soft opening period (March 18 till April 1), they will be given the opportunity to visit the park ONE (1) time prior to April 5, at which time their annual membership will begin on April 5. Fun Passes after April 5 will activate based on the date of first visit.

*Superstar Passes can be activated from March 18, 2010 depending on the indicated first day of visit. Guests can use this pass to access the express queues once per attraction per day.

Universal Express Passes
Express passes cannot be used for admission to the park; guests use them to access the express queues to bypass the normal queue lines. Same day purchase for Universal Express Passes are okay; as the park may not be crowded at all times, we highly encourage guests to only get them if necessary after they have arrived at the park. They are only valid for one use per attraction and applicable at all the following attractions:
  • Pantages Hollywood Theater™
  • Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg
  • Battlestar Galactica™ CYLON 
  • Battlestar Galactica™ HUMAN
  • Accelerator™ 
  • Revenge of the Mummy™ 
  • Treasure Hunters™ 
  • Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure™
  • Canopy Flyer™ 
  • Dino-Soarin’™ 
  • WaterWorld™ 
  • Shrek 4-D Adventure™ 
  • Donkey LIVE™ 
  • Enchanted Airways™ 
  • King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round™
For more details and benefits, please see USS passes.

Information on attractions downtime
As we may take some attractions offline for technical and creative adjustments during this soft opening period, guests can find information about the offline attractions displayed near the box office and before the turnstiles.

Other Information
  • Attractions Height / Weight / Health Requirements & Visitor Information: click here.
  • Other USS related questions: click here.
  • Ways to get to our resort: click here.

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