Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on Battlestar Galactica Attraction

Universal Studios Singapore is in the process of a complete ride inspection and review. An investigative team from the coaster's design, engineering and manufacturing company and some expert independent assessors are looking into the ride.The vehicle has been dismantled and its components have been sent for analysis, including an x-ray of its parts.

The whole process may take some time and we will provide an update as soon as the results are out. Meanwhile, the Battlestar Galactica attraction will remain closed. We understand some guests (and definitely fans) may be disappointed. However, we need to ensure all inspections, repairs and testing are complete before the ride resumes operations. The safety of our guests and employees remain our top priority. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

There are still plenty of other attractions in Universal Studios that will keep your day in the park fully occupied.


  1. I heard a rumour that the the BSG roller coaster won't open till next year. Is this true? That is very unfair especially to people who bought annual passes especially prior to it being closed for a long period (which we have). If the passes expire and won't be able to ride the BSG ride which is part of the deal why we decided to take annual pass for this unique roller coaster ride. I just hope someone can clarify if indeed it's true. Thanks.

  2. Hello Zeri, as we are in testing stage now, we are unable to give a date as to when BSG will reopen. We will provide further updates when available, but anything else you hear would be rumours. Our top priority is the safety of our guests and employees.

    As for annual pass holders, we are looking to do something special for them. We'd encourage you to "like" our facebook fanpage (link on the right), so that you can stay updated. (:


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