Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can you handle it?

The auditions, that is. Today’s the first day of Universal Studios Singapore Audition 2010! The audition leg kicks off in Singapore and the Audition team would soon be touring the region to hunt down talented singers, dancers, stilt walkers, celebrity look-a-likes, puppeteers, voice impersonators and more.

From the Sci Fi City stiltwalkers, characters like Frankenstein and Marilyn Monroe, right down to the adorable quartet of Madagascar penguins, our park performers have only one aim- to offer visitors a memorable experience.

And that ain’t an easy job, which is why we take these auditions very seriously.
If you’re wondering what goes on at the auditions, we took a peek into today’s auditions for dancers and give you a step by step look.

STEP 1: Get registered

Fill in your particulars

Well, this is pretty basic. List down all your experiences, and talents, so that the judges have a better idea of who you are and what you can do. It’s the best time to brag about your talents.

STEP 2: Say Cheese!

Flash your million-dollar smile here

With over 300 (and counting) participants, it’s really hard to keep track who’s who. With a headshot, it’s much easier for our judges to recall the participants, just like how they do it on American Idol.

STEP 3: The Weigh-In

Getting the right height and weight

A tip: when filling up your registration form, remember not to lie about your weight, because there is a weighing-in procedure. This is for certain performer roles, where height and weight needed to be factored in.

STEP 4: The auditions begin!

Doing the funky chicken...
Our choreographer, Jason Ramsburg, will teach participants a dance routine, and we gotta say, it’s a pretty intensive dance workout.

STEP 5: The elimination...

Waiting to learn of their "fate"
After the hectic routine that Jason puts the dancers through, the participants are put into a room, and just like on American Idol, they would be called one by one and be told if they're through to the next round.

Well there you go,  it's not so terrifying, is it?

For those who have not gone for many auditions, we picked up some useful tips for you guys who are thinking of trying out the dance auditions in other cities.(Learn about the other audition cities here:

Audition tips 101:

  • Bring water, lots of it:
    A dance audition is a very dehydrating process, because you’d be sweating a lot.  A LOT. So to avoid tiring easily, we recommend taking in loads of fluid to keep from fainting.
  • Dress appropriately:
    You’d be expected to dance your heart out, so dress light and right, so you can move freely and to avoid any wardrobe malfunction. 
  • Have a towel handy:
    Did we mention you’d be sweating buckets? It’s always good to have a towel handy. You wouldn’t want to be constantly dripping, would you?
And lastly, here’s some great advice from our Creative Director/ choreographer, Jason Ramsburg (he’s the one in the hat): "I don’t expect you to memorise the steps perfectly but I want you to perform".

"You gotta feel the music!"

If you think you're up for it, check out our auditions page to find out more! (

See you at the auditions!

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