Monday, June 28, 2010

July updates for Universal Studios Singapore

[Updated: 8 July 2010]

July's coming and there's something brewing in Universal Studios (as always!). Out of the magic cauldron (with Fairy Godmother's blessing) we bring you July's Hollywood After Hours.

With the June school holidays coming to a close, After Hours will be back to Fridays and Saturdays, but still from 7pm to 10pm. The admission fee is now S$5 to enter.

WAIT A MINUTE, S$5?! It was only S$2 previously.

Well, that's right. Guests who purchase the Hollywood after Hour tickets($5) can get a 15% discount off the total bill at these outlets: Hollywood China Bistro, KT’s Grill, Palio, Fiesta, Osia, Starz Restaurant.

And you see, there's also something special about Hollywood After Hours from July onwards, and that's the much-awaited Lake Hollywood Spectacular. It's a synchronised pyrotechnic display that dances across the night accompanied by music. Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect:

Pretty isn't it? Now there, hold your horses. It starts in July, at10pm. But that's not all. For a while there, we left everyone hanging whether movie nights will still happen in July. Truth is folks , we’ve been hard at work digging up awesome movies that you would enjoy. And here's what we found for July's treasure trove of movies:

2 and 3 July: Shark Tale
Oscar is a fast-talking little fish whose big dreams have a habit of landing him in hot water, while Lenny is a great white shark with a sensitive side, and a secret- he’s a vegetarian.

When a great white lie turns Oscar into an improbably hero and the truth about Lenny makes him an outcast, these two become the most unlikely of friends.

Watch the movie to find out what trouble the dubious duo got into, and how they got out.


9 and 10 July: Hotel for Dogs
Hotel for Dogs is a comedy adventure that shows how far love and imagination can take you. When 16-year-old Andi and her younger brother, Bruce, find themselves in a foster home with a strict “no pets” policy, Andy has to use her quick wit to help find a new home for their dog, Friday.

The kids stumble upon an abandoned hotel and begin transforming it into the perfect home for Friday- as well as all the strays in the city. In no time, the kids have transformed the old hotel into something truly magical: a home for both the dogs and for themselves. But they have also aroused the suspicions of the police who want to know- who let the dogs in?


16 and 17 July: The Spiderwick Chronicles
It’s THE fantasy adventure for the child in all of us. Peculiar things start to happen the moment the Grace family (Jared, his twin brother Simon, sister Mallroy and their mom) leave New York and move into the secluded old house owned by their great, great uncle Arthur Spiderwick.

Unable to explain the strange disappearances and accidents that seem to be happening on a daily basis, the family blames Jared. When he, Simon and Mallroy investigate what’s really going on, they uncover the fantastic truth of the Spiderwick estate and of the creatures that inhabit it.


23 and 24 July: Mr Bean's Holiday
After entering a church raffle, Mr. Bean won a holiday to Cannes, and a camcorder.

Armed with both, he boarded the Eurostar train and in traditional Mr. Bean style, he gets into all sorts of mischief and yet somehow manages to reached his holiday destination.


So, see you in the park in July

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