Thursday, July 29, 2010

August After Hours at Universal Studios Singapore

It's ACTION month this August.

If you still haven't heard, Universal Studios Singapore welcomes you to soak in the beautiful evening view along Hollywood Boulevard.

Enjoy After Hours, every Friday and Saturday from 7pm till 10pm for S$5. Don't throw away your admission stub! Show it at Hollywood China Bistro, KT's Grill, Palio, Fiesta, OSIA and Starz Restaurant for 15% discount off the total bill.

But as Shrek loved to say, "Cut to the chase!", so we will.

There's plenty of ACTION in the movies shown this month. Movie Nights are featuring some great blockbusters - watch power-armoured superheroes (and supervillains) slough it out. Or if you prefer conspiracies, there's the good ol' adventure blast-from-the-past or the modern day thriller.

And remember to cap your night out spectacularly (literally!) by catching Lake Hollywood Spectacular at 10pm. But please bear in mind that Hollywood After Hours is not available this Saturday, 31 July, because of Sundown Festival.

Here are the movies screening in August, only at Pantages Hollywood Theater:

6 and 7 August: Iron Man

CIO of Weapon Company Stark Industries, Engineering genius and Playboy Tony Stark was injured and kidnapped in Afghanistan while demonstrating a new missile to potential buyers. Forced by his captors to forge a missile, Stark plans for his escape by creating an armoured suit and a contraption to sustain his life.

Back in the States, Stark announces his plans to cease his weaponry business and starts work on an updated armoured suit, only to find out that his trusted second-in-command has betrayed him by selling Stark weapons to the insurgents, forcing Stark to use his suit as a deadly weapon.


13 and 14 August: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It’s 1957, and the Soviets have their eye on Professor Henry Jones, more widely known as Indiana Jones to fans. They abducted Jones’ old colleague, Henry Oxley, who, before his capture, entrusted a youngster by the name of Mutt Williams to pass a coded message to Jones. With this code, the pair travelled to Peru to hunt down the legendary skill made from a single piece of quartz.

Enter the Russians, led by psychic Colonel Irina Spalko, who made an attempt at snatching the skull away from Jones before he can deliver it to its rightful place. Fallen into the wrong hands, the skulls powers would be very dangerous. Could the aging professor and the young buck save the world from peril?


20 and 21 August: G. I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra

Two soldiers, Duke and “Ripcord”, were attacked while transporting a special weapon for a corporation named “MARS” in Kazahkstan. Things were made more complicated when the attack force was led by one Anastasia DeCobray, once romantically linked with Duke.

The pair was saved by a top secret Special Forces unit known only as G.I Joe, and decides to join the Joes in their trail to hunt down the mastermind of an evil organization known as “Cobra”. In their investigation, the Joes found out that “MARS” owner McCullen is not what he seems to be when they discovered one of McCullen’s projects, the deadly “Nanomite” warhead, which eats up any metallic products once activated. The Joes must uncover the mastermind behind this warhead before the world is destroyed.


28 and 29 August: The Bourne Ultimatum

In the 3rd and final Bourne instalment, Jason Bourne is forced out of his hiding, by unwitting London-based reporter Simon Ross, who’s digging into the covert Operation Blackbriar, the successor of Project Treadstone, in a series of newspaper columns.

Bourne decides to meet and save Ross from The Company’s clutches, but ultimately fails. From this experience, Bourne decides to once and for all, uncover his dark past while at the same time, avoid capture by The Company.

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  1. I would say that Universal Studios Singapore is worth visiting because you will enjoy your stay if you're a tourist. I also wanted to go back in Singapore and watch-out these exciting movies screening this August.


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