Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Martial Combat July Special - Ladies in Action

So we walked into Big Easy (at Resorts World Sentosa) yesterday with slightly sweaty palms, because we heard there’s gonna be a bunch of female fighters there.

We’re not exactly sure why the notion of female fighters is causing us to have this rather embarrassing clammy hand condition. After all, we are used to male fighters all the time. They punch, they kick, and they grapple. No biggie. But perhaps when the words “female fighters” were uttered, one somehow can’t help conjuring up images of them mud wrestling, or pulling their hair out, or screaming. Or worse, all of the above.

But as it turns out, there is no worry at all of any hair pulling or piercing screams. The ladies we see mean business, serious business.

It’s the time of the month again for the Resorts World Sentosa Martial Combat fight nights. And for the first time, there’ll be female fighters. Four ladies are facing off in two fights, and here’s who.

14 July - Sun Jiao & Claire Haigh
Claire Haigh from England is the current female world champion. She is well remembered for winning against eight times world Muay Thai champion Angie Parr (who is also the wife of Muay Thai legend John Waynn Parr) early last year. Catch the video of their fight here!

Fighting Claire Haigh is Sun Jiao (Trinity) from China. Sun has fought twice in Ultimate Wrestle and once in 文武中国 (Wen Wu Zhong Guo), and is looking forward to this opportunity to challenge foreign competition.

15 July - Yang Xiao Nan & Gina Iniong
Gina Iniong (Conviction) from Philippines is known to be an excellent striker with good boxing skills. She possesses an impressive track record, having won various championships such as Gold in National Wushu championship in 2007, 2008 and 2009, MMA elimination and URCC Tribal Wars.

Gina's competitor is Yang Xiao Nan (Fury) from China, a provincial Sanda champion. Fast and aggressive being her trademark, this is also Yang's first international MMA fight. She has previously beaten top BJJ female fighter in China, and is keen on establishing herself as a top female MMA fighter.

Martial Combat (June) - Jong Man Kim (L) & Aaron Steel (R)
In addition to the ladies above, there will also be 8 other fighters each night - 5 fights in total - so there will definitely be plenty of punches to go around. Starting this month, there is an addition of a pre-fight to kick everything off. For these pre-fights, we will be showcasing Singaporean amateur fighters to grow interest in this sport.

With so many exciting things to look forward, don't miss this month's Martial Combat. For ticketing details, visit:

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