Friday, October 15, 2010

Get ready to Rumble- a last time Part II

We hope you're gearing up for some good fights tonight and tomorrow. We've introduced who's fighting tonight, and here's who's ready to rumble tomorrow night. And yes, there will be a couple of ladies taking on each other too.

16th October 2010 


Yun Seob Kwak
(South Korea)

Yun Seob Kwak, or “The Prince”, is a superb MMA fighter from South Korea. With a good athletic built and a wealth of experience, he can do some serious damage with his strong striking ability and dangerous kicks.


Zorobabei “Zoro” Moreira (Singapore)

With a Blacke Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and legendary Roberto “Gordo” Corrrea de Lima as his trainer, Zoro is no easy opponent. His accolades include clinching the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Mundials World Championship.


Chris Barnett “Beast Boy”  (Spain)

Highly agile despite his immense size, the “Beast Boy” is trained in wrestling, Judo and Taekwondo. Despite his weight, his flying knees and punches come fast and furious. He’s known to deliver some serious knock-out punches and is an up and coming heavyweight fighter.


Eric Prindle “American Soldier”  (USA)

A former soldier from the US Army, Eric is a 5-time All Army Chmapion and 4-time Armed Forces Champion. He’s also won over 100 amateur boxing fights. Now a pro MMA fighter, he’s been under the tutelage of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and is now ready to rumble!



Chee Jian Kai (China)

Trained in Muay Thai, Sanshou and kickboxing, Chee Jian Kai is a formidable striker, with an established career with over 30 Muay Thai fights. Now he’s looking to make a splash in the MMA scene.


Ole “Iron Fist” Baguio Laursen (Denmark/ Philippines)

A current Martial Combat Superfight Belt holder, this World Kick-boxing Champion has lived and breathed martial arts since 15 years old. Ole the “Iron Fist” has a reputation of knocking out opponents and has now added grappling to his growing skill-set. Watch out for his grip!


Eilleen Forrest  (Australia)
Winning 16 out of her 18 pro Muay Thai fights, this Australian beauty is a powerhouse striker. Since transiting onto MMA, she has also been adding ground fighting skills to her game, such as submission and grappling. Don’t mess with her!


Claire Haigh  (Luxumbourg)
Ranked #3 in Thailand for Muay Thai, Claire is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blue belt who formerly trained in Brazil. Having competed at the highest level of Muay Thai in the prestigious King and Queen Cup events, Claire has quickly established herself as one of the top female MMA opponent in the world.


Vuisile “The Cheetah” Coloss  (South Africa)

A champion kickboxer, “The Cheetah” is crossing over to MMA in a big way. With professional kickboxing record of 23 wins, the current South-African Thai Kickboxing Champion is one heck of a ground fighter.


Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang  (Philippines)

A highly decorated Wushu Figther, “The Landslide” is a multi medalist from the South-East Asian Games. A new breed of MAA fighthers with traditional Martial Arts base, he possesses superior offense and defense skills, powerful striking abilities and takedown and submission skills.



Xue Gou Bing (China)

One of the more veteran fighters emerging from the China MMA scene, Xue has competed in international level MMA fights such as Art of War and various other events. He’s highly trained in Sanda, and has picked up some pretty nifty grappling techniques, making him a versatile MMA fighter.


Mitch Chillson “The Dragon” (Singapore
A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt with 11 years of seasoned fight experience, the “Brodinho” lays claim to dozens of Brazilian National titles. But most impressively, he’s a Mundials World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. After clinching two victories at Martial Combat so far, he will be back in the cage for his hat trick victory.

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