Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get ready to Rumble- a last time

This is it. The last of the fight nights for MMA 2010. And they’re certainly saving the best for last.This week's Martial Combat Fight will once again, feature female fighters.

Wanna know who’s facing off with who?

Find out below:
15th October 2010 


Zhang Mei Xuan (China)
Trained in Sanda for two years and MMA since last year, Zhang is fast with his strikes and kicks and excels in his Chinese wrestling skills. Since his immersion into MMA, he’s fought four times and remains undefeated, definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Reggie Amarante “Baby Ama”(Philippines)
As a star in the Philippines Boxing Reality TV series, he’s a fighter who aims for knockout victories. Rigorous training and conditioning allows him to execute dangerously powerful blows on a standing match or on the ground. Either way, his opponent better watch out.


Mitchell Wheeler (USA)
A good striker strong in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu,Michell has been on a winning streak since turning pro. He's been training hard and is in top physical condition, and is ready to take on the challenge.


Arthur Cesar "GoGo" (Brazil)
A highly reputable MMA figther from Brazil, "GoGo" has a well developed Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ground game, but his talent is in his striking abilities. With three wins under his belt,  Arthur is a force to be reckoned with.


Wang Jin Gang(China)
Trained in Boxing, Muay Thai and Sanda, Wang is one of China’s more experienced international fighters and has participated in numerous events. He’s fought two MMA events and won, and is ready to test his MMA skills at an international level. 


Brian Choi “Polar Bear’ (South Korea)
Brian the “Polar Bear” Choi is known for using his wrestling background for explosive takedowns. A well rounded fighers with strong punches, his opponents will have to match up in versatility to stand a chance.

Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch (USA)
A veteran of MMA, “The Cannon” has over 115 MMA fights under his belt, and has fought in the largest organizations all over the world. A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt, he’s just come off a string of losses in the US and is hungry for redemption.

“Magical” Ray Elbe (USA)
A well-seasoned MMA veteran with over 30 fights, Magical Ray has faced opponents from around the world. He’s reached celebrity status as a competitor on season 9 of the UFC Ultimate Fighter reality TV show and is keen to maintain his reputation as a fierce competitor. 

Sun Jiao “Trinity” (China)
Trained in stndup fighting, “Trinity” is a strong striker and has trained to defend from submissions on the ground. After losing her first international fight at Martial Combat 5, she is eager to return to set the record straight and prove her worth.


Ella Tan “Ice Cool” (Malaysia)
“Ice Cool” is a 2-time Malaysian Muay Thai and Sanshou Champion and with her vicious striking power (for someone her size), she is ready to take the next step into the MMA scene, and make her debut in the Martial Combat cage.


Liu Guo Quan (China)
An ex-member of the Art of War team training under Pedro Schmall (a Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt), Liu is eager to test his skills against the world’s best.


Leandro Issa “Brodinho”(Brazil)
A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt with 11 years of seasoned fight experience, the “Brodinho” lays claim to dozens of Brazilian National titles. But most impressively, he’s a Mundials World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. After clinching two victories at Martial Combat so far, he will be back in the cage for his hat trick victory.

Keep a look out for Saturday's Fight Card soon. If you wish to watch the fighters in action, head on over to to buy your tickets.It's your last chance to catch these elite fighters in action!

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