Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to the old school

[Written by Karen C from HR]

Been pretty occupied with university recruitment talks lately.  So far, I've met some great undergrads.  One of their favourite questions is, "What can I do?"  So in return, I asked one of them, "Well, what sounds good to you?"

And his reply was, "Everything!  I just want to be part of this."

I love meeting people like that. The enthusiasm is infectious.

The RWS Management Trainee Program

Many undergrads that I spoke to were looking for management trainee programs with RWS.  However, I explained that our formal programs would only be rolled out after our opening, when we reached a more steady state of operation.

Right now, our sights are focused on opening up the resort.  We’re still on track for an early-2010 opening, which is really only a few months away!!

Part-time Jobs

Although we haven’t started our management training program yet, we encourage current students to use our part-time jobs as stepping stones in preparation for a full-time career at our IR.

Training starts prior to our opening and will be fully paid for.  To further sweeten the deal, we offer attractive part-time rates for hospitality jobs, and those that work night shifts will also be sent to their nearest bus stop after work (as close to home as you can get)!

The positions are:

1. Waiter/Waitress

2. Bellman

3. Sales Associate (Universal Studios Singapore)

4. Crew (Universal Studios Singapore)

5. Traffic Warden

Especially if you’re a first or second year student with the luxury of few years before graduation, consider these part-time jobs.  You can work in between classes, during holidays, weekends… the hours are flexible!

Try your hand at any of our numerous F&B outlets during one of your vacations, and then move to any of our six themed hotels the next.  And if you’re game, you could top it off with a Universal Studios experience.

Before you know it, you’d have created the entire IR experience for yourself!  When you’re ready to interview for your full-time position, you can tell us with confidence that you know exactly what it takes to work at our IR.

Think about this:  If we had to choose between two candidates for a full-time job, who would we pick?  The candidate with the RWS work experience?  Or the one without?

I’m all about the full-time…

You might be a December ’09 graduate or available for immediate hire, so you’d rather delve straight into a full-time job at RWS.  Completely understandable.  We’d like to highlight a couple of full-time job opportunities:

1. Croupier

2. Guest Services Ambassador (GSA)

Our croupier and GSA jobs are not easy. Croupiers need to master several different table games, be strong at mental calculations, have good finger dexterity, and be sharp and alert.  Our GSAs are involved in Casino Marketing, and need to be poised (they represent our glamourous Resorts World Casino) and have great interpersonal skills (they manage anyone from regular guests to members to VIPs).

How to Apply

If you’re interested in the part-time and full-time opportunities mentioned in this post, do apply online at or email us at, clearly indicating the position you are interested in.

If you think that you might be better suited for other full-time opportunities, then you can also visit our careers website for the full range of options.  As a side note, if your graduation date is some time next year or several years out and you’re ONLY looking for full-time opportunities, do apply with us closer to your graduation date.

Tying up the odds and ends from Aug 22/23

Btw, we're almost done short-listing and conducting all interviews from the Aug 22/23 recruitment drive.  If you know anyone who’s still waiting on us, they probably were not shortlisted for the position that they applied for.

However, we still encourage them to apply for other RWS positions that they qualify for!

That’s all for now! Talk soon!

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