Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fiesta - a carnivore's sweet dream

[Written by Chris D.]

I just had one of the best mix of food and service experience in the past few months.  

When my friend Emma first asked me to join her for dinner at Fiesta, located within Festive Hotel, I wasn't sure what to expect from a restaurant which serves Latin American cuisine. But from the moment we arrived until the moment we walked out, the impeccable service and memorable food blew us away.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by warm smiles and ushered quickly to our table.  Edrick, our waiter, explained the menu and took our drink orders.  Within moments, not only was he back with our drinks, he also served us piping hot cheese bread.  Wow, the bread turned out to be a winner - it was simply divine! 

The menu had several categories of set meals: $25 for a two-course, $39 for a three-course and $45 for a four-course.  And each set had numerous mouth-watering options that we could choose from.  We picked the four-course meal.

Black Bean Soup

It was a treat from the first course - black bean soup with ham and cumin.  Within seconds of arriving, Emma and I had devoured it.  The chef had avoided an all too common problem with bean soups; here, salt had been used in moderation which gave way to a hearty, enjoyable soup that didn’t leave you screaming for water after each mouthful. 

The King Crab Salad

My King Crab Salad arrived; piled high with fresh crab meat, avocado and adorned with edible flowers.  The balsamic vinegar that was drizzled on the plate brought out the sweetness of the crab in a way that I haven't tasted before in Asia while the flowers gave the dish a perfect light, summer salad kind of touch. 

For the mains, Emma had ordered the Brazilian mixed Churrasco plate and for me, the 600-gram grain fed T-bone steak. 

The Brazilian Mixed Churrasco

The mixed Churrasco plate came with flame-grilled sausage, rib-eye steak and spring chicken with lime.  While we found the sausage slightly salty, the rib eye steak and spring chicken were phenomenal; both cooked to perfection.  Normally on mixed grills, I've found that restaurants tend to use mediocre quality meats, but at Fiesta, the rib-eye was second to none; juicy and tender. 

My T-bone was everything I had hoped for and more.  With the T-bone, you get the tender filet on one side of the bone and on the other side of the bone is the New York strip.  The entire steak was also juicy and tender and the flame-grilling had given the meat a perfect, slightly smoky taste.  It was a great steak! (Ed's note: so good, didn't manage to take a picture before it's gone!)

After finishing such a huge steak, I couldn’t even think about dessert.  But the waiter quickly changed that at the sight of chocolate.  Out comes one chocolate mousse and then a dessert that goes on my list of top ten (non-chocolate) desserts I have ever tried; coconut custard—smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of coconut. 

For the last taste of the meal, I had to have a few more of the cheese bread balls. 

You can bet I’ll be back again when I’m craving a great steak dinner, exceptional service and all at a very reasonable price.  


Chris D, who is working on upcoming projects for Resorts World Sentosa, will be guest blogging about his dining experiences at the resort.

Chris D's enjoyment of traveling is second only to the love affair with food and luckily for him, his job has allowed him to combine those two passions. Everything from six star, fine dining experiences in Europe and pork lau lau cooked in an underground oven in Tahiti to fried scorpions in China and catfish in the US; he has rarely met a food that he didn't like.
"I'm forever in search of 'THE meal'; the one that combines impeccable service, a unique ambiance and that ever-so elusive perfect combination of ingredients, cooking technique and at least a pinch of culinary passion. Be it back street food cart or Michelin rated restaurant, until then, I'll continue to enjoy the journey."
- Chris D.
Fiesta is located in Festive Hotel (Level 3), Resorts World Sentosa.
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