Monday, October 19, 2009

For Pride. Honor. Glory.

[Written by Grace K from Entertainment]

I’ve recently developed a taste for blood. Not of the vampire kind, but gory sports involving lots of blood and action.

Like many people I know, you have probably played these video and arcade games until your fingers have gone numb--Mortal Combat, Tekken, Street Fighter.

But it’s nothing like the real thing—UFC, K1, Art of War, Pride and many more.

Now, while Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is considered a “blood sport”, it’s nowhere as gruesome as the video games (there’s no “All you can” fireball nor spine-ripping “excellent” fatalities, at least in the sanctioned arenas.

MMA is a soap opera of male egos in a sweaty and brutal test of strength, skill, will and determination. In this sport, there are only winners and losers to the delight of millions.

My foray into bloodsports began last year when friends invited me to a number of Muay Thai and boxing events that they had organized.

From the ignorant bystander sipping wine in the VIP section to the bloodsport fanatic imparting faux coaching advice in the corner (“Upper cut! Upper cut! Keep moving! KILL KILL!), I have tasted and witnessed the raw energy of this amazing sport genre and am thoroughly excited that we are creating our own original brand of MMA, known as Martial Combat at RWS (see the rules of the Sport here).

That’s right. We’ll be putting up big money prizes to gather the best fighters in the world to compete on the big stage in Singapore.

I’m especially excited because all of the fights will be covered blow for blow on ESPN STAR Sports channels and beamed across Asia.

A lot of hard work went into securing this monumental deal, which took over six months to complete. But now the really hard work begins in organizing the competitors, marketing the brand and coordinating the actual events.

MARTIAL COMBAT will start next year, with a grand total of twelve events with five action-packed fights per event. As we are working together with the top fight clubs in the region, you can be assured of the fights featuring some of the most popular and celebrated Asian fighters and many ranked fighters from around the world.

Of course, you can also look forward to enjoying great entertainment in between fights and our smoking hot RWS Ring Girls for your exclusive viewing pleasure!

And now, here’s an old school classic fight between David and Goliath to wet your appetite.

Are you ready?

Are you READY?


P.S. We will be announcing our line-up of exciting events, as well as concerts on our new website soon, so watch this space for updates.

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