Monday, October 19, 2009

We're One, but so, so different

[Written by CY from Rooms]

When I knew that I would be joining the RWS family, I decided to make a trip up to Genting Highlands as part of a “working” cum leisure trip in July.

It had been donkey years since I last visited Genting Highlands and boy, was I in for a surprise as I was totally taken aback by the developments which had taken place since I last visited the place 10 years ago.

Besides the Casino, there were plenty of eateries, lots and lots of shopping outlets, rides and more rides, a Snow City, rock wall climbing, both indoors or outdoors - you name it, the resort has it! I was absolutely blown away by the humungous size of the resort - there are simply so many things you could do, both day and night.

Genting Highlands is really like a city that never sleeps as there is so much to do in there, and what is amazing is that it was all built on difficult terrain.

And this has really gotten me excited. I can’t imagine how fantastic RWS would be, given that this is going to be the Fun Capital of the World where we have so much to offer as the tourist destination of choice.

In the twinkle of an eye, it has already been one month and 19 days since I joined the RWS family. Till today, I am still trying to grasp the scale of the resort, the diversity of members in this big kampong, the 101 systems involved, the endless F&B outlets we have and all the names of my new colleagues I met.

I think I would need an external drive in my brain to store all this information!

Nevertheless, this is exactly why I wanted to be part of this family. The learning opportunities are countless! Every day, I am learning a new system, a new skill, a new knowledge or a new friend. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the pre-opening team of a resort of this scale and size, and most importantly, be part of a team which will change the Singapore landscape.

There is something for everyone in Resorts World Sentosa as nowhere else in the world can you find six hotels offering six different experiences.

And this is where the Rooms Department will come in, as we will ensure that you will receive the same touch of warm hospitality, but with a distinct personality for each of the six hotels.

The ultra-luxe Crockfords Suite

Anything is possible, and that is the dictum of our crème de la crème - Crockfords Tower (Yes, there has been a change in name). You would feel like royalty here as our professional and caring butlers will ensure that your stay is a seamless and carefree one.

Guests can choose to take a relaxing soak in the spa bath, or use their personal in-room steam shower in their Crockfords' Tower suite

Your only worry? Which gaming table you should start on or which evening dress you would like to wear. Just enjoy our pampering hospitality and leave the rest to our elegant butlers to handle with ease.

Everything in a Hotel Michael suite, from bathroom walls to linen, is designed by the renowned architect and designer

A vivid art lover and simply a great fan of Michael Graves? Look no further than Hotel Michael for you to soak in the renowned architect and designer’s creations. Get ready to revel in the beauty and elegant art pieces in your very own room. As you enter your bathroom, you would have thought you had entered an art gallery instead.

Inspired by the art work and want to find out more about Mr. Michael Graves? Take part in “An affair with Michael” – a hotel activity where our hotel management team will share with you the history and retail products of Mr. Michael Graves.

Unleash your inner rock gods and goddesses in Hard Rock Hotel

Party like the rockstar you (secretly) are because Rock Never Die. And you can do so in the iconic Hard Rock Hotel. Take a piece of musical history with you in your mind as we take you on a trip down memory lane, where you can get an exclusive look into the wardrobes of international rockstars as we raid their closets and display their outfits on our memorabilia wall.

Oh.... to be a child again and go mad in Festive Hotel's rooms

And now, on to Festive Hotel, which makes me wish I were a kid again. With specially designed separate sleeping lofts, kids can have their sleepovers under the watchful eyes of their mummies and daddies who are in the sleeping chamber just next door. What’s more, at Festive Hotel, kids can look forward to receiving sweets on arrival and get a fun-filled welcome pack. Don’t you wish you were a kid again? Gosh, I can almost hear my cousins in the background, screaming for me to take them here…
I really cannot wait for the resort to open and I am sure there are thousands of people out there who share the same thoughts as I.

The next few months ahead would be tough as we move nearer to the opening of the resort. However, it is really heartening to see all of us working so hard toward the same objective - to deliver the million moments in one world!

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