Thursday, October 1, 2009

When two passions collide

[Written by Tania H from Communications]

I never thought I’d ever blog. Yes, I kept a diary (in fact, I think I had three) throughout my life, documenting milestones, crushes, historical events (like when I delivered my first-born and thereafter her beautiful life), etc, but not in the public sphere like this.

Feasting on some battered Portobello mushrooms in Orlando, Florida

I don’t mean to be clichéd.  But like the rest of the team members in Resorts World Sentosa, I am swept away by the ever-mounting excitement of Opening, which will be early next year, though we will be rolling out our offerings in phases.

So what role do I play in this awesome project?

Hmm, what should I whip up for dinner tonight?

Let me start by introducing myself. I’ve just joined the RWS family in September and I’m lucky that we’re almost at the end which marks a new beginning! For many of my colleagues who’ve worked tirelessly on this monumental project for close to two years, their efforts are finally paying off. Kudos!

Now, a little about my background. I was a food writer for a couple of years for a magazine before I joined the RWS family.

Savouring divine chardonnay at Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River, WA. Truly one of the best wines in the world!

It has been an exciting adventure for me career-wise, as I have had the chance to combine my passion for cooking and food, and love for writing.

And like kitchen maestros, I am still getting into the groove.

Digging into my favourite Oreo ice-cream in the US, but this brand is unavailable in Singapore

I’ve been seduced by the allure of the romanticised culinary world,  and am finding comfort in meeting chefs and learning about this career, which sucks people in like a vacuum. It’s basically an 18-hour a day job and it involves absolute dedication and sacrifice, which could be overwhelming, yet extraordinarily fulfilling.

To further my interest in the F&B industry, I’ll be largely involved with the F&B side of things, like publicity and promotions.

Don’t become the green-eyed monster now because I suspect I must attend media tastings repeatedly, feast on white truffles from Piedmont and the heavenly morel mushrooms with batches of journalists even if my appetite gets jaded (as if!). Heh.

 To be honest, I’ve already got requests for me to bring certain people along when the time comes. Hmm, I hope my portfolio doesn’t change (keeping fingers crossed)!

Oh yes, in addition, I’ll probably be sharing news about the latest entertainment happening here and the fabulous Universal Studios Singapore, together with my fellow bloggers, I’m sure.

A lot of us are really looking forward to checking out the F&B offerings when RWS opens.

From high-end fine dining restaurants backed by world-class Michelin-starred chefs, to theme dining outlets like a 1950s drive-in concept eatery in Universal Studios Singapore, the options are mind-boggling.

There are lots more surprises and exciting initiatives in-store which I wish I could reveal now because Resorts World Sentosa has so many world's- firsts! But it looks like the world just has to wait a little while longer.

Hold your breath, Singapore’s dining utopia is soon arriving at our doorstep! I’ll tell you more when I can and in the meantime, smack your lips and reserve your appetite or you’ll live to regret it!

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